Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nesta on Pakistan

It is always a pleasure to read an outsider's view on Pakistan cricket.

Glad to see that someone else also recognises the talent this side possesses, and that if off-the-field shenanigans are ignored, on-the-field Pakistan hasn't been all that bad a cricket team.

Thank you Nesta.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    My pleasure Q, however, at the moment they aren't travelling too well (39/3 from 10 overs chasing 291).

    Still Salman Butt looks in tremendous form and if they win from this position it will be a miraculous victory.

  2. Q said...

    Does look tough but Malik's just opening up and Butt just played a beautiful drive..

  3. Anonymous said...

    Where there is life there is hope. Good Luck.

    Maybe Afridi will put on a show and whack 80 off the batting powerplay.

    It's almost midnight here but I'm staying up just in case.

  4. Q said...

    Wow Nesta ur just as passionate as us Pakis - hoping for an Afridi miracle and staying up past midnight ;-)

  5. Anonymous said...

    So far a great fightback by Butt and his skipper, Q, (123/3 off 23))and the addition of a runner just makes it a little more interesting.

    Still along way to go but 6 and half an over now seems possible.

    Oh! The skipper is given out and off he limps with the runner.

    Someone needs to stay with Butt as Sri lanka have no idea how to dismiss him.

  6. Anonymous said...

    I inadvertently cursed Butt with my praise and projections. Apologies to everyone. Looks uphill at 125/5.

  7. Q said...

    They had done well to get Pak to this position... difficult now.. Murali looking dangerous!

  8. Anonymous said...

    Pakistan - 1, Mendis - 1!! fair assessment??

    i left dubai for abudhabi when pakistan were at 70/3, midway at dubai/abudhabi border they were cruising at 115/3 in 22overs..expecting an exciting finish my cruise speed inadvertently increased breaking only to avoid the speed cameras; to add to the drama my source of regular score updates FM 106.2 died on me (crappy signals)... long story short i get home, switch on the tv and pakistan is at 158/9 in span of 10 overs, am so disgusted that i cudnt even bring myself to say wtf! anyways glad i dint take a day off from work like yesterday...

    Q, what did you make of Khurram Manzoor's batting yesterday? i did not get to see his wicket today but i wont be surprised if he got lbw tryin to punch the ball off the back foot like he was tryin yesterday.

    No doubt he has scored a few half centuries in his short career but to me he seems a very one dimensional player. Even in Abudhabi against the windies he wasnt very convincing. i am all for giving him a long run to prove himself and cement his place as the 2nd opener, but i believe that would take a lot of doing..

  9. Anonymous said...

    It wasn't Mendis or Murali who won the match for Sri Lanka, it was Shoaib Akhtar,Tanvir,Younis and Misbah who threw it away for Pakistan.

    All Praise for Dilshan he was the X factor.

    Pakistan has Sohail Khan and Saeed Ajmal on the bench they should replace Shoaib and Tanveer in the next match.

  10. Q said...

    I agree Wasim, the seamers had done the job for Lanka by the time Mendis came on..

  11. Q said...

    LIB.. ive learned over the years to never take a day off to watch Pakistan play cricket.. :-)

    I was never for Khurram Manzoor's inclusion for this series. It shud have always been Nasir Jamshed.. he was the one who had worked on cementing his place as the 2nd opener.. he got injured so the selectors called up khurram for the Abu Dhabi series.. he did alright but nothing great to keep Nasir out..

    Sure Nasir hasnt done that well in the domestic season but he had already done well on the int'l scene so why keep him out.. Look at Australia and Marsh.. Marsh has had a very poor domestic season but since he had established himself in the ODI side thye stuck with him despite other openers making strides on the domestic scene..

    Nasir has the potential to be a great opener.. he has the shots and is more aggressive, which is what u need today.

    Khurram i think needs a lot of work.. he is too one dimensional and doesnt have that many strokes.. he hasnt been tested yet..

    But then again, if the selectors have decided to stick to him then they shud do just that.. no point juggling them around now.. give him a long run..

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