Saturday, January 31, 2009

What do the Lankans Eat?

While the fall out from the ODI series against Sri Lanka was still being felt in Pakistan, Jayawardene and company have already started another ODI series against Dhoni's men.

The 1st ODI seemed like a walk in the park for Dhoni & Co. They didn't even break a sweat while chasing down that total.

After the 80 odd year old Jayasuriya smashed a ton that became the ton scored by the oldest ODI player ever, I thought the match would have gone away from India.

But Jayawardene has learnt the art to throw things away lately. Yeah so he didn't do it in Pakistan, but largely against Bangladesh and now India, a good start was thrown away.

246? You need a 100 more to contain this Indian batting line up.

Especially when your M&Ms take only 1 wicket between themselves.

And will Murali finally get that record. I've been hearing about it since the Lankans came to Paksitan. Well we know he's about to get past Wasim Akram and don't need to be reminded of that everytime he's about to play a match.

And whatsup wtih Mendis? As soon as his bowling average tipped the 10 mark he lost the art of picking wickets.

He couldn't do it in Pakistan. He couldn't do it in the 1st ODI against India.

With Sehwag back tomorrow, he might not do it in this series at all.

Not that bad, but something tells me he's trying a bit too much. Much like his captain. Much like Lanka actually.

The Lankans needs to stop playing already. They've been playing for as long as I can remember without a break. And they don't seem like getting one soon either.

They don't even complain. Not even with the oldest ODI player on their side.

Another 4 ODIs against India. A 20-20. Tests against Pakistan. IPL. World 20-20. Pakistan again. Who knows what after that.

What do they eat?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Well for starters I think they eat the Pakistani cricket team for breakfast ;p

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