Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And so begins the mess....

...that will be the 2011 World Cup. A few months back I had cast my doubts on Pakistan's participation as a host country. The ICC chief seems to be laying down the groundwork for that eventuality:
"It [alternate venues] is a consideration we have to give attention to," Lorgat said at a meeting in New Delhi on Tuesday to discuss preparations for the tournament. "This is not something we discussed today, except to ask the organisers to consider alternate host city venues within the country as well as alternate country venues in the event something is not favourable in one of the particular host countries."

I'm not surprised really - I expected this to happen.

Regardless of Pakistan's hosting status, I am very uninterested in the 2011 World Cup. Mainly because I think the World Cup format is pathetic this time round (once again we have too many teams and too many meaningless games, and are going back to the terrible quarter-final format). But also because there are too many host countries, and the preparations are at least a year behind schedule. It's a disaster waiting to happen. But I will be happy to be proven wrong.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    i guess today BCCI declared Pak and SL wud host the semis :)

  2. Abdul said...

    Graeme Swann seems to have justified his place in the side and may well be looking curtains for Monty Panesar after such an outstanding performance. This isn’t the only time Swann has proved a better customer as in India he was always out-bowling Panesar. He flight,guile and dip he bowls with is always a treat. Although he isn’t mysterious in the terms of not having a doosra he seems to spin his off breaks enough to trouble batsmen and pick up wickets at crucial times.

    I feel his performance has lifted the morale within the side and boosted their chances of glory in the match.

  3. Abdul said...

    2 players that should be back in the pakistan team are as follows :

    Imran Nazir


    In my opinion he could become the Viv Richards of Pakistan.

    As Imran Khan famously quoted : "If Imran Nazir was born in a a devloped nation like Austrlia he would have been the greatest batsmen alive".

    Rana Naved



    An allround package who is ideally suited to limited overs cricket.

    Sit back enjoy and admire the brilliance.

  4. Q said...

    Sledge, this was a disaster waiting to happen.. i won't be surprised if Pakistan is completely scrapped as a host.. with the other subcontinent nations being co-hosts the only countries willing to tour Pakistan are ruled out as visitors.. so who will play in Pak?

    Imagine a semifinal involving Australia scheduled for Lahore. Will the Aussies go or forfiet?

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