Tuesday, February 10, 2009

COCKELY! Heard of him? I hadn't either...

There was a time when aspiring cricketers use to try and and register performances for their schools, colleges, clubs, departments, and age-group and grade cricket teams in order to become a permanent fixture in a domestic side.

The objective to get into a domestic team was to perform, get big scores, get a bundle of wickets and get into the eyes of the selectors for a break into the national team.

That used to be the path to international cricket.

In England its the B teams of counties and clubs through which you can make it into a county. In Pakistan its the thousands of clubs, associations, zones, and departments that get you a ticket for a place in a regional team. In Australia its club and grade cricket that gets you into one of the state sides. The same is surely the case in other nations.

Its all changed now.

With the IPL being an international extravaganza and witnessed by audiences including fans, selectors, boards, and the likes across the world, aspiring cricketers seek an opportunity to display their credentials in the Indian league to make it into the international league.

Or even to become a permanent fixture in their domestic side.

Kings XI Punjab's latest signing is an Australian by the name of Burt Cockley, who thinks that playing in the IPL will provide him the chance to play more for New South Wales.

This what he said on hearing about his signing: "I hope that playing in the IPL will improve my chances of playing more for NSW."

Imagine that. A young boy wants to play in the IPL to play more for his domestic side to achieve the ultimate goal of appearing for his country.

Who would have thought that in only its second year since inception, the IPL would have such a reputation.

Lalit Modi must be jumping up and down and doing cartwheels on his water bed after reading this. Or maybe having a joint in celebration.

Coming back to Cockley, he has played 5 first class games and 2 List A games and as many as ZERO 20-20 games! And his record shows nothing of note.

Then what made the Kings sign him on?

Maybe his name - Cockley. Its most appropriate for the team he joins that is led by a very cocky Yuvraj Singh.

Cocky Cockley under cocky Yuvraj's cocky IPL team.

Well done Preity Zinta.

If you're wondering how Zinta or the Kings heard about Cockley, the answer is their coach, Tom Moody.

Moody says that Cockley bowls at over 140ks and that is what made the Kings sign him on despite having no experience of 20-20 cricket.

Cockley is the Kings' 6th Australian signing after Brett Lee, Shaun Marsh, James Hopes, Luke Pomersbach, and Simon Katich.

With Lee injured, Cockley might even get to play a few games, if not all of them.

After Shaun Marsh and Shane Watson, here's another Aussie looking to enhance his reputation through the IPL.

I'm still wondering about the name. COCKLEY!

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5 Pitched:

  1. Jrod said...

    He took a five for in shield cricket against someone, may have even been the vics this year. Seems handy, but Harwood, McKay, Geeves, Drew, Noffke, and harris are all bigger and better players.

  2. Ankit Poddar said...

    hmm, seems like you have started another potent topic here, about IPL being the way most players want it to begin with!

  3. Q said...

    Thats right Jrod.. his record shows a best of 5-84.. his first class bowling average is quite decent actually.. but still u named some who were better options.. am sure there are more..

    Honestly, its not the player chosen that surprised me more than his comment abt playing in the IPL to help him play for NSW...

  4. Anonymous said...

    I think it's more than just the IPL though, Warner said playing 2020 for Australia would help him play first class cricket for NSWales.

    Oh and Cockley just played against Victoria, "Burt Cockley (0-48 off 5.3 overs)".

    Darren Pattinson hoped playing for England would help him play for Victoria, he was wrong.

  5. Q said...

    Thats right Jrod.. but i think we're going to witness many more young cricketers seek a route to first class or international cricket through the IPL..

    Shaun Marsh, Watson, Yusuf Pathan have set great examples for others to follow..

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