Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Do they really think we're blind?

Are they seriously blind?

The video is out there for everyone to see.

So what are Ponting and Haddin smoking?

I mean seriously.

Do they not see what happened? Do they really think the world is blind?

Don't they realise what this is doing to their credibility?

Not that Ponting had much of it anyway, but with the kind of statements he's making, what is he trying to prove?

And why haven't the match officials taken any action?

Rashid Latif got banned for 5 matches and stripped of the captaincy for doing something similar.

India would have been threatening to cancel the tour if it were there wicket keeper who had done something like that.

If it were a subcontinental player, the Australia and English media would have been full of remarks about cheating.

I can't believe that Haddin can actually come out and say that Vettori's claims are poor and low.

How can he do that?

We all saw his reaction after the team was celebrating. Its obvious that he knew what happened. So what does he think of the public?

And whats all this with Ponting claiming that Vettori apologised?

The Aussies are crumbling and how.

Sad, just sad.

Haddin needs to be banned and Ponting, while away on his leave, needs to be told to shut up.

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23 Pitched:

  1. straight point said...

    ponting is right that vettori apologised don't believe...?

    here is the full sms of vettori...

  2. Anonymous said...

    If this doesnt make Aussie bloggers say aloud about Ricky Ponting's deplorable lack of sportsmanship and honesty, I dont know what will

  3. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Haddin's gna go the symonds way. for company, he'll have his demons and a few bails. not that they'll ever bail him out.

  4. Anonymous said...

    BTW what is ICC doing if they can fine players for appealing for a catch taken on first bounce they can also fine Haddin for cheating, ICC should hold an inquiry into the incident, I can't believe the response of Ponting and Haddin these guys are morally bankrupt.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Ponting is wrong ? LMAO...

    What was Bucknor doing ? i guess he raises his finger only when he sees Indians around...

    do on field umps escape their responsiblity ?

  6. Homer said...


    If you are questioning their integrity, you have no right to exist on Planet Earth.

    Also, credibility? What credibility? You really are not clued onto the real world , are you ?

    Cheers :)

  7. SledgeHammer said...

    ICC treating Auzzie players different from others (especially South Asian players)...old news.

    Australians using unfair tactics...old news.

    Bucknor making a poor decision...old news.

    Australians never admitting wrong and showing poor sportsmanship...old news.

    Not much new here to be honest, it's the same script over and over again.

    I do question Mahanama though for not bringing this up post-game. He needs to show some balls. Actually, he just needs to follow rules and precedent.

    Also, in a sense, I'm not too upset that NZ have had a taste of unfair play. Maybe it's karma for the shameful and pathetic Murali run out.

    True - one was technically within legal bounds (McCullum), and the other wasn't (Haddin), but both were against the spirit of the game.

    And McCullum showed clear intention, whereas one could argue that Haddin's action was not intentional. However, Haddin knew what had happened and refused to do anything about it.

    McCullum never apologized btw. At least Collingwood apologized when he was in an equally shameful situation.

    What goes around, comes around.

  8. Leela said...

    No wonder Indians/asians have a laundary-list of misdemeanours while these idiots get away with murder!

    Though I do wonder why the match-refree (like SH said) is quiet.

  9. Abdul said...

    I’m here in the bitter cold of England which has led to an economic slump and global amusement. Also did u guys know that commentator and English legend Ian Botham was unable to catch his flight due to the adverse weather conditions!

    I’m in my living room watching cricket from a much more humid location of the Caribbean. The first session belongs to Westindies and already we are seeing signs of spin at lunch on the first day. Have England misread conditions and a golden opportunity of playing 2 spinners? This description from the home of cricket provides u with an insight of one of the deliveries bowled by tall Suleiman Benn :

    26.4 Benn to Pietersen, no run, beaten! What a cracker. Spin has played an unexpectedly key part in this morning's session - beaten by a corking, spinning, jaffa of a delivery

    Well after that flaming description I think they may have missed the trick of not utilising a second spinner as I recommended previously.

  10. Anonymous said...

    Rashid Latif was banned because Bangladesh complained. It is the right of NZ to complain but they havent lodged any. And Aussies will never accept, they never do.

  11. Q said...

    Raj, I think its beyond the Aussies to accept that they could be wrong.

    NC, whose going to make Haddin go that way? No one seems bothered about what he did.

  12. Q said...

    Morally bankrupt is true Wasim. I still can't believe they think Haddin was right.. I mean.. ugh forget it..

  13. Q said...

    Sam, on field umpires should be accountable but then honestly i think its a bit difficult to pick that Haddin's gloves were in front.. its hard for the naked eye but the 3rd umpire could have intervened...

  14. Q said...

    Homer - huh? :-)

  15. Q said...

    Well said Sledge, very well said. I dont think many people remember that Murali run out. Thanks for reminding us.

  16. Q said...

    Leela, they're turning a blind eye cos the players havent raised it with the officials.. why not i'm not exactly sure..

  17. Q said...

    Anas Imtiaz - welcome to Well Pitched. your right, bangladesh complained but is that only when the officials react? when someone complains? shouldn't they act independently..

    Your spot on abt the Aussies though..

  18. Homer said...


    Cardinal rule #1 - Thou shalt not question the Australian cricket team's integrity.

    Cardinal Rule #2 - Thou shalt modify all notions of credibility around the actions ( or inaction's of the Australian cricket team). Whatever they do is credible, whatever they dont is not.


  19. Anonymous said...

    I'm not surprised. I think losing the No.1 ODI side's status has done irreparable damage to the collective psyche of the entire Australian cricket team and prepare for similar manifestation of their monstrous frustrations.

  20. Anonymous said...

    Nope, they don't care about our vision, its far more important that the people who want to believe in them never have the seeds of doubt planted and continue to wear the goggles they've distributed to them.

  21. Q said...

    Homer, I have sinned.

  22. Q said...

    Som, u reckon they need to all be at an asylum? I saw the 7 ways u think they can get back to supremacy.. not happening anytime soon. Maybe never.

  23. Q said...

    Achettup, why cant they just admit to a mistake?

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