Thursday, March 12, 2009

Afghanist in Pakistan & Rafatullah in Afghanistan

There's one international team that doesn't have a problem with playing cricket in Pakistan.

That's Afghanistan!

They have had a dream run leading up to the ICC World Cup qualifiers winning all the World Cricket Leagues.

Afghanistan have a real shot at playing the 2011 World Cup and they are currently in Pakistan, training for the qualifiers.

Quite brave of them to be in Pakistan, but then when you think of what is going on in their own country, Pakistan appears to be a "safe" bet.

I went through the Aghanistan squad for the World Cup qualifiers and was surprised to see 1 name.

That of Rafatullah Mohmand.

Rafatullah is a big name in the domestic circuit in Pakistan.

He plays for Peshawar and Habib Bank, both under current Pakistan skipper Younis Khan.

Younis has rated him highly in the past.

I've seen Rafatullah bat on a few occassions - some T20 innings and 1 pentangular and he is a more than decent bat.

He's got more that 12 years of experience at the first class level.

Earlier this decade, around 2001-02, Rafatullah had a very succesful domestic season and he was being considered as a future opener for Pakistan when they were looking for replacements for Saeed Anwar and Aamir Sohail.

For some reason Rafatullah never made it.

But now he has a chance to play international cricket.

For Afghanistan!

I wonder how that was made possible since he is a Pakistani.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Q... you know whom am gonna support... come on Afghan!!

  2. Q said...

    Im rooting for them and the UAE to qualify!!

  3. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Q, Rafatullah must have sneaked out thru the porous borders

  4. Q said...

    Haha good one NC.. he's still playing for Habib Bank in the ongoing domestic OD competition.. and he's still a Pakistani as per his Cricinfo profile..

    Maybe this is a precedent.. all the fringe Paki players going to play for Afghanistan instead of the ICL..

  5. Anonymous said...

    Mohmand is born in Mohmand Dara of Nangrahar province Afghanistan. He has got Afghan nationality as well. I know guys will say according to records his born in peshawar. but that's wrong.

  6. Q said...

    Thats interesting Anonymous.. thanks for the info.

    I wonder why the records are wrong..

  7. Anonymous said...

    Records are wrong, becuase Pk once wanted to use him for their side. or he had potential for that.

    but beside that rafatullah can't play for Afg, becuase of the 4 years rule. he was chosen for Pakistan A in 2006. so he has to wait till next year. Afg got some serious batting problems for this tournament.

    they beat Oman today in a warm up match by 4 wickets. one of their other big problems is that they give to many extra runs. today 32. this gonna hurt against good sides.

  8. zadran said...

    he this is afghan national cricket team no one paki.. is playing for afghanistan this brave afghan player.if some afghani born in paki thats not mean they r paki.. ok we are refugee in this country especcialy in tow state of pakistan punjab,sindh. pashtoonkhwa, and balochistan is not belong to pakistan if some one from peshwar playing for afghan team then is not paki pashtoon is all afghan both side one nation .anyway i hope we will defeet uae thanks god brave nation pashtoon log live

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