Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Big APL???

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Not sure about the October timing, but the concept is good (even if a bit ambitious). I would expect decent crowds:
nzamam-ul-Haq and up to seven disaffected members of the Lahore Badshahs ICL franchise are in discussions with an American entrepreneur who hopes to establish an international Twenty20 tournament in New York City.


Mir, 32, has lined up a three-year staging deal with the minor-league baseball team, Staten Island Yankees. Using a franchise and auction system similar to the IPL, he hopes to draw up six "international" sides - Premium Pakistan, Premium Indians, Premium West Indies, Premium World and Premium America - the final side drawn from the best of the talent on show from approximately 15 million cricket fans who already live in the USA. A spokesman for the Yankees confirmed that they were in talks, adding that they were "very excited" at the prospect of bringing cricket to the city.

"It is a cricket revolution in America," Mr Mir told Cricinfo. "The venue is an absolute fit for the historic nature of this event. It has a capacity of approximately 10,000 spectators and has state-of-the-art facilities, and every spectator can view the beautiful Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River from their seat."

Mir added that he had lined up an agent in England who would help recruit players for the World XI, and that he had been in negotiations with the former West Indies captain, Richie Richardson, whom he hopes will act as both a coach and a recruiter for a potential West Indies team. [LINK]

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  1. maza786 said...

    Pleasing news for Pakistani fans with ICL players on the brink of being re-called for national selection epsecially when the likes of Yousuf,Nazir and Rana are in the category considering to scrap their ICL contracts.

    Now my hope for Pakistan’s chances against Australia and T20WC has been restored !

  2. scorpicity said...

    This is good news... spreading cricket in newer markets need to have more prominent support from players worldwide.

  3. Som said...

    Let's teach the Yankees how to hold a bat!

  4. Q said...

    Cricket in America - just what we've been waiting for! lets hope this is the actual start.. I dont think players will have to worry abt bans here.. there ain't no BCCI :-)

  5. hemanth said...

    The American Premier League, owned and promoted by Jay Mir is a Twenty20 cricket league based in the United States of America. APL T20 league is scheduled to start on October 6, 2009. It is unsanctioned by the ICC, the sports world body, and as a result is regarded as a "rebel" league.

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