Saturday, March 14, 2009

Damith's Gesture for a HERO!

Mehar Mohammad Khalil.

Heard the name?

He was the driver of the bus, which was carrying the Sri Lankan players that got attacked.

Mehar has been hailed as the saviour of the Lankan players' lives by all the players.

My Sri Lankan friend, Damith of Fly Slip, has initiated a fund, the aim of which is to raise money though contributions from fans and present the collections to Mehar.

The target is US $1,000. $155 have already been raised.

Damith is aiming to present the $1000 gift to Mehar when he arrives in Sri Lanka as a guest of the Sri Lankan Government.

None other than King Sanga will present the gift to Mehar.

So hop over to Fly Slip and make your contribution and hail a HERO.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    One doubt.

    Why is it that cricket blogs cover only about men's cricket?
    Is it because women's cricket is boring to follow or the blogs are written by men?

    Anyway, here's the latest about Pakistan women's cricket.
    Pakistan upstage WestIndies in another world cup win.

  2. SledgeHammer said...

    @anon: good point. I was going to post something about Pakistan women team's performance. They have done remarkably well, given the absolute absence of structure in Pakistan. Thanks for the link.

    It is true that sports blogs (and all media in general) cover the men's side only. Except in sports where the women's event is considered to be equal to or even more important than the men's event. e.g. stories of women's golf, basketball, and cricket are rarely covered, but women's tennis, athletics, gymanstics, and soccer (mainly in the US) do get coverage.

    In general women's sport is considered inferior to men's sport. That's not my opinion, but I'm just stating the perceived reality. Here's an article on the lack of interest in the women's world cup, even in the town in which it is being played:

  3. Q said...

    Anon - though i find mens cricket more interesting than womens cricket, i would love to watch the ongoing womens world cup... sadly it isnt being shown on TV in this part of the world.. I have been following it through the news and papers but i wud have definitely written abt a few matches and players had i been able to see them..

  4. a fan said...

    hmmm...hope to see some posts then.

    i do agree that not all women's events are covered...but, given the current cricket situation in Pakistan, i felt this world cup news to be totally great, a highly motivating one and should get enough coverage.

    hence had the doubt.

  5. Anonymous said...

    why just driver ? why not those families of 4 slain policemen ?

  6. Damith S. said...

    Sam> Because I have absolutely no idea who the policemen were, their names and have no way of ever getting the money to them.

    Khalil I can guarantee something is done for.

    I wish I could help the others too, but something is better than nothing.

    So donate what you can guys and a big thank you to Q for putting this up!

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