Sunday, March 29, 2009

Extraordinary Innings

Salman Butt, the Pakistan opener, smashed an unbeaten 92 off only 25 deliveries for National Bank of Pakistan in their RBS Cup match against Lahore Eagles.

Yes 25!

If he got to 100, it would have been faster than Shahid Afridi's, which came off 37 deliveries.

I've seen that Afridi innings. To imagine an innings more attacking than that one is nothing short of extraordinary.

What's really special about Butt's innings is that he unleashed 16 boundaries and 4 sixes in his innings of 92.

Thats 20 scoring shots for 88 runs!

He faced another 5 deliveries and scored another 4 runs, so he hardly had any non-scoring strokes in this belligerent innings.

At the receiving end was Usman Sarwar, who unfortunately was playing his first List A game.

After figures of 3-0-78-0, he must be wishing he hadn't.

The result?

NBP chased 122 in only 6 overs.

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  1. Maithreyi said...


    That's just viscerally painful, even while reading a second-hand account.

    Off 25 balls.

    And the Sarwar guy *actually* got *three* whole overs in the 6 overs? In his first first-class game?


  2. Q said...

    Yes Maithreyi, u gotta feel for the Sarwar guy.. His captain probably realised that he wont get many other games so might as well make the most of this one and give him as many overs as possible!

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