Monday, March 9, 2009

Hughes & Australia on Top

When I started batting I used to hold my bat high trying to emulate Amir Sohail. The only thing was that my bat used to be facing somewhere around 3rd slip, which my coach corrected so that it points towards the wicket keeper.

Face down ofcourse.

Phil Hughes' bat not only points towards first slip, the face of his bat points towards the point-cover region.

No wonder his cut shot is so fierce.

His stance and the way he holds hit bat would embarass Ijaz Ahmed!

After the shit he played on the 4th ball of his test career, I thought he would have to work really hard to make it at test level.

Three innings later, with scores of 75, 115, and 136*, he has out done the likes of Sir Don Bradman and George Headley.

In a matter of a few innings, Hughes has ensured that Australia don't even think about a certain Matthew Hayden.

Moreover, all his knocks have come in pressure situations and have been match winning ones. Not meaningless scores notched up in high scoring draws.

Hughes has been the batting mainstay for Australia in this series, which has allowed Johnson, Hilfenhaus, and Siddle to attack the South Africans.

All this at 20!

After that 4th ball, I did not think he would make it. He has and how!

If he manages to avoid the axe, something Ponting and Clarke could not early in their careers, then Hughes has a good decade and half of a career opening the innings for Australia.

His start against the best pace attack in the world indicates that bowlers around the world are in for some tough times ahead.

With the way Hughes bats, it seems the bowlers always have a chance against him.

But somehow he survives. I don't know how he's done it but he has.

Australia have unearthed one hell of a batsman!

His attacking strokeplay suggests that he could be great for ODIs as well.

Imagine a top order consisting of Hughes, Marsh, and Warner.

Those 3 can serve Australia for a good ten plus years.

Doesn't look like Australia's time is up. They're going to retain their number 1 ranking in tests, and in the ODIs too, and it looks like they'll remain there for some time to come.

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