Friday, March 20, 2009

The More Effective Prince

Ashwell Prince for a change has played an entertaining knock.

The way he picked Johnson for boundaries last night and how he charged McGain's 2nd delivery and deposited him for 6 over long on suggested that he was a man on a mission.

It is no secret that he was upset at not being considered for the first 2 tests against the Aussies.

He was further upset when he was thrust into the opener's role for this test.

But this might just be the thrust he has needed all this time.

I have always considered Prince a boring batsman.

Even more boring than Kallis and that is saying something!

He has been effective but he has laboured thus far in his career.

Batting at number 5, he has scored a lot of runs mostly by working hard for them.

Maybe that was because of the situations in which he came out, usually trying to get South Africa out of trouble.

Opening the innings has allowed him to play with the kind of freedom that hasn't been visible before.

The Prince of old would not have gone after McGain the way he has today.

The Prince of old would not have scored a 100 striking at a rate of over 60.

He has a career strike rate of 43.

And I remember him scoring his runs at rates of 30-35 before.

So a rate of 60 is fast for Prince!

Maybe he played more attacking cricket because he wanted to vent his anger. Maybe he felt he could bat with more freedom at the top of the order. Maybe it was to prove something to the IPL franchises. Or maybe it was to get a look in for the ODIs.

Who knows.

Whatever it was, it has turned him into a more effective batsman.

Graeme Smith might have found the ideal opening partner.

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  1. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Q, some serious skills at play there today. they should drop him more often. in fact drop kallis, and he'll win them the t20 wc.

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