Friday, April 3, 2009

Emiratis Fall, Afghans Win, & Leverock Impresses!


That's disgraceful for the UAE. They are a much better team than that.

I've played against and seen the likes of Amjad Ali, Arshad Ali, and Khurram Khan. And for them to fold up for 79 is something I'm not used to.

Kenya, and especially, Onyango, really got stuck into them today.

My other favorite, Afghanistan, however won their 2nd match overcoming Bermuda, whom the UAE had beaten the day before.

Afghanistan's journey has been quite impressive. It will be some achievement if they make it to 2011!

Here's hoping they will!

Besides them, Netherlands, Ireland, and Canada are the only unbeaten teams after 2 matches each.

Everyone's favorite associate nation player, Dwayne Leverock, had made quite an impact in his 2 games for Bermuda in the qualifiers.

10-5-13-1 against the UAE and 10-1-33-1 against Afghanistan.

Those are very economic figures against 2 of the strongest sides in the competition.

At 37, the big man seems to be going quite strong. Literally!

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