Friday, April 17, 2009

Gone in 450 Seconds!

About two weeks ago Achettup did the mathematics around how much money the television channels need to make to break even on their IPL bid.

Now, even more calculations are in store after this was announced.

What this talks about is a 7.5 minute break after 10 overs in each innings during the Indian Premier League.

Out of which 5 minutes will be allocated to commercials!!

Wasn't the whole idea behind 20-20 that it is fast paced, aggressive action?

The only purpose this 7.5 minute break will serve is slowing down the tempo of a match.

The batsmen will have to get there eye in again.

The bowlers will have to get back into rythm.

It will ruin the entire match in my opinion.

It wouldn't make any difference to the crowd at the ground as they will have the sexy cheerleaders to keep them company, but what about us - the TV audience?

We will have to do with 2.5 minutes of ads and another 2.5 minutes of a documentary on the importance of education aimed at African children.

The latter is a good cause no doubt, but during a highly energetic cricket match with skimpily clad cheerleaders? Really?

And we thought, cricket couldn't get more commercial and that maybe the recession will keep the ads down!

Oh and the social cause is not purely social as Queen Rania of Jordan is paying a million dollars for each time the 2.5 minute film is shown!

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9 Pitched:

  1. Damith S. said...

    the time of the strategic time out for teams cant be far off.

  2. Amy said...

    Must be the stupidest idea the IPL have ever come up with. What a perfect way to break the momentum of a match and screw up the game.

  3. straight point said...

    the $toppage i$ only about $trategy and nothing el$e...

  4. SledgeHammer said...

    Pretty pathetic really. I was actually getting into the IPL this year. I mostly ignored it last year - too Bollywoodish/commercial for my taste.

    But this just makes it clearer what the IPL cares about. At least make it less obvious!

    The thought of hearing "DLF maximum" and "Citi moment of success" is not very appealing.

  5. Q said...

    It way off Damith!

  6. Q said...

    Totally screwed Amy!

  7. Q said...

    I got$ the point$ $P!

  8. Q said...

    Spot on Sledge..

  9. Abdullah said...

    Q,do u agree with my viewpoint here regarding the 2011 WC hosting.

    Yes I agree that Pakistan isn't a hostile environment for holding such global events. People have always been raising eyebrows but the March atrocities have firmly demonstrated those above implications. It’s a nation simply in social turmoil and the centre face of terrorist threats.

    Although I feel for the patriotic fans to lose out on such an opportunity, the governing bodies had to give security and safety of player’s and fans priority. Therefore I agree with Abbasi's viewpoint on pakspin.

    Lastly can u email me at

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