Friday, April 24, 2009

I Caught Her Today!

On Wednesday I did not even know that she was at the DSC stadium for the first ODI between Pakistan and Australia.

I only found out when I got home and my brother told me.

How disappointed I was for not getting a chance to see her.

But today, I saw her at the ground getting ready to interview a member of the Australian contingent.

I'm not sure who she interviewed. I think it was James Hopes but couldn't make out.

Luckily I was also in the same elevator as her going up to the media centre after her interview.

I told her that I watched her throughout the ICL, which was great!

She gave me the loveliest smile ever and said, "yeah, well that was a totally different ball game that 20-20."

Then we both complained about today's weather, which is extremely HOT, and walked out of the elevator.

I then politely requested for a picture with her and she gracefully obliged.

Very pleasant lady. Always Smiling!

Mayanti Langer that is.

Was a pleasure meeting her.

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15 Pitched:

  1. Jrod said...

    You lucky bastard

  2. Damith S. said...

    Hoo hoo, Q using his Media powers to land the ladies.

    This must have been what Steven Tyler was on about when he sang - Love in an Elevator.

  3. SledgeHammer said...

    Is she the person who used to interview people in the pavilions/dugouts?

    At first I thought Justin Langer bagged himself a desi hottie. But a Google search revealed otherwise.

    BTW, is it really hot out there, or was that your subliminal way of telling Mayanti she's really hot! :)

  4. Q said...

    I feel the same way Jrod.

  5. Q said...

    Hoo Hoo Damith, I wish i could sing!

  6. Q said...

    Sledge, she was the one who used to interview the players in the dugout during the ICL.. she's here part of the commentary/broadcast team .. Ten Sports is owned by Zee, hence the ICL connection.

  7. Som said...

    Q... Kyun? Kyun? Kyun?

    "It was a pleasure meeting her". Well, we know it from the pix dude, the pleasure shows:)

  8. straight point said...

    the pleasure is all yours Q!!

  9. Q said...

    Kyun kyun kyun kia Som? :-)

  10. Q said...

    SP, the pleasure was also hers.. can u not tell from the smile and those beautiful cheeks ;-)

  11. Q said...

    Sledge, it really is hot out here. Better now but the afternoon was very hot..

    As for Mayanti.. she is also HOT! ;-)

  12. SledgeHammer said...

    @Q: Interesting that presenters don't get the ICL-stigma attached to them! Mayanti, Tony Greig and Dean Jones seem to be doing just fine in IPL world despite their associations with the evil, evil ICL!

  13. Obaid said...

    guys, stop slobbering... what if she is a fan of well pitched and reads this section :)

  14. Q said...

    @Sledge: I think its very unfair.. Tony Greig has continued to do commentary in australia despite his association with the ICL.. Moin Khan who has been the recruiter of Pakistanis for the ICL has continued to coach PIA.. cameramen, production teams, cheerleaders, etc used by IPL have been the same ones that were used in the ICL.. its only the players who are bearing the brunt!

  15. Q said...

    Obaid: if Mayanti is a fan of well pitched and reads this, I'm sure she'll realise how much we love her ;-)

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