Thursday, April 9, 2009

The ICC can learn from...*gasp*...itself!

There's a pretty exciting tournament going on, and that's the ICC World Cup Qualifiers tournament. From a format, schedule, and logistics perspective, I think the ICC has got it down pat. 12 teams, 2 groups, a Super 8, 50+ matches, and all within 20 days!

Now, why can't the ICC learn from their own success and apply it to the next level? Granted, some of it can't be replicated. For example, you can't have teams play two days in a row (well, you can but the players will bitch and moan incessantly). And you will have difficulty playing 4 games a day because of umpires/officials limitations.

But still, the ODI World Cup does not have to last 5+ weeks for it to be successful. With some common sense, it can be shortened to three or four weeks (max), and filled with intensity. Even going with the 14 teams they have for 2011, they could have used so many formats. But they're going with the horrific quarter-final format.

Not sure I'll ever know what happens in those ICC boardroom meetings. But certainly Mr. Common Sense is not a participant.

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  1. Abdullah said...

    Q,as regards Shoaib he shouldn't be in the team. He was a great iconic sportsmen for Pakistan but the endless list of controversies is a step beyond acceptance. But he seems to have some tendency to perform against Australia so let’s wait and see.

    Just a word on the team, I must admit it lacks firepower and uniqueness. This has been a morale which has been one of the ultimate successes of Pakistan cricket in which they have been able to produce extraordinary talents like Imran Khan/Wasim Akram/Waqar Younis/Shoaib Akthar/Javed Miandad etc who created buzz and excitement to watch and proposed threat to opposition. In the side u have Afridi and Younis Khan who stands out but other than that we have too many inexperienced rookies or mediocre prospects. Simply not enough genuine “matchwinners” to be able to take Pakistan in the top 3 ranking spot which they achieved a few times under Bob Woolmer who I felt was a great coach and ambassador for development of Pakistan cricket. In fact I remember a sequence of games in the 05/06 season such as defeating England, India and Sri lanka in test series. At the time Pakistan was second in the test ranking and was a driving force in world cricket.

    As a result the preferred team doesn’t sound appealing to watch nor does it seem to have credentials to turn the tables and make a real influence in world cricket. It’s an average side which I feel won’t be able to go far especially on away wickets. You need an all guns blazing Imran opening partnership. Also a classy Mohd Yousuf and a reverse swinging yorker expert in Rana Naved who is one of the best T20 players in the world. You may have question marks hanging over his fitness in the longer formats but in T20 he’s a synthetic prospect. That team need spicing up for sure!

    Pakistan cricket get ready to loose LOL !

  2. Q said...

    Sledge, The biggest thing stopping the ICC from replicating this format in the World Cup is the TV rights.

    Sadly in this day and age it is the TV channels and the media that that calls the shots in terms of the days and even the timings of the matches to suit the TV audience.

    Revenues from television are so large for the ICC and other boards that there is no way that the ICC can look to have multiple games being played out on the same day and at the same time.

    That would divide the TV audience and hence decrease TV revenues as well.

    Its not ideal but sadly such is the case.

    Since there aren't any TV takers for these qualifying matches that it doesnt make a difference how many matches go on at the same time.

    In the case of the qualifiers it was 6 matches on each day at the same time - no way in hell wud any TV channel buy the rights of a world cup if Pakistan vs India, Australia vs New Zealand, England vs South Africa, and West Indies vs Sri Lanka were to be played at the same time.

  3. Q said...

    Maza, I will respond to u separately. This post is discussing a much larger issue.

  4. Anonymous said...

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  5. Poshin_david said...

    Whoever haerd of Mr. commonsense in a board meeting especially in an ICC board meeting?

    Q is so right, it's the media that earns the most therefore they call the shots therefore ICC cn't implement the sipmle logic.


  6. Q said...

    Maza Im sorry but i completey disagree.. besides Afridi and Younis, we've got Misbah, Malik, Salman butt, Umar Gul, Sohail Tanvir who on theor day can turn any match on its head. And they r fun to watch.

    Im sorry but an all guns blazing Imran and an over the hill Rana are no good. We all saw wat they did in international matches when they had their chances. They failed miserably! Just cos they've done well in the ICL doesn't mean they can repeat the same performance for the national team.

  7. The Old Batsman said...

    Yup, unfortunately the world is awash with sporting tournaments that operate at inordinate length to provide enough TV matches. But the last WC was just so bad in terms of almost everything - including karma or vibes or whatever you want to call it - you'd hope - vainly - something would change.

    RE Pakistan's lack of firepower - you should try being England, lads!

  8. Abdullah said...

    Mr Q just look at this. So they really failed in international cricket ? Rana along with asif have been the best seam bowlers Pakistan have had at time there have been shades or glimpses of Waqar Younis in his bowling.

    Astonishing swing and seam deviation.

    Further more here is what someone said on dawn......

    Though pakistan had a best team in last T20 but Razzaq’s inclsuion would have definitly brough that cup home.
    Rana’s late swing can only be compared with Great Waqar.
    Nazir is the utmost requirment of the day for this upcoming event for the opening. I think PCB officials should not surrender to the ICC and BCCI presuures.
    we wish all the best to our only sporting national team at the verge of death.

    Someone else mentioned :

    i m very sorry and ashamed for PCB stance over ICL players not advocating pak ICL players in ICC. And after their availability and having NOC from ICL. They must be in pakistani squad…
    Abdul Razzak and Rana Naveed are the best all rounders of the pakistan as for as t20 is concerned. Imran Nazir is one of of the best t20 and modern one day cricket player, he is the most dangerous player of T-20. If he succeeds to play 15 or 16 overs, his team can definitely achieve even an unreachable target. The most important thing is that his presence in the team is the guarantee for keeping other teams under tremendous pressure. If some friends have doubt in it, I strongly recommend them to watch the recording of the last year’s ICL semi-final and final matches.

    U are talking as if Pakistan cricket is all singing and dancing. No it's certainly not unless they stop showing fear and shame against India and ICC who continue to develop extreme biasness against PCB and Pakistan cricket as a whole. PCB should utilise and recognise the best players available with both hands regardless these of ridiculous circumstances and stop showing fear at such governing bodies intending to destroy its future. Why shall we let Pakistan suffer?

  9. Q said...

    Old Batsman - the 2007 WC was definitely the worst WC ever and thats not cos Pakistan didnt qualify or Woolmer died..

  10. Q said...

    Maza, its a matter of perception and opinion really. I dont believe that if Razzak was there in the 20-20 WC then Pak wud have come home with the cup. Leading up to the tournament Razzak had been injured for a long time and was woeful with that bat. His bowling had gone down the drain a long time ago. He wud have gone for way more runs than Yasir Arafat and theres no garantee he wud have scored more.

    As for Imran Nazir, for 20-20, I agree he is a definite. He won us the cup almost singlehandedly in the last WC. But for ODIs, Pakistan has much better options.

    Rana, he did well in bursts for Pakistan, but he's past his best.

  11. Abdullah said...

    BCCI and ICC continue to develop extreme biasness against the PCB. They are looking to destroy its future by blocking player pathways. Without their (ICL prospects) inclusion Pakistan cricket will always be a lost soul which lacks excitement and “buzz” to watch and that firepower and expertise to become a competitive force.

    PCB should stop acting like a scapegoat rebel and stand up for its future. Why shall we allow Pakistan cricket to suffer and neglect such extraordinary talent from participating in the national side at the expense of pleasing some governing bodies?

  12. Q said...

    Oh dear Maza, kia hoga tumhara?

    I feel really sad to hear things like "Without their (ICL prospects) inclusion Pakistan cricket will always be a lost soul which lacks excitement and “buzz” to watch and that firepower and expertise to become a competitive force."

    Are u for real man?

    I mean seriously.

    First of all u need to realise that its not the ICC and BCCI that are biased against the PCB. They havent allowed any cpuintry to field ICL players, not only Pakistan. Hell they didnt let counties with ICL players take part in the Champions league,

    Secondly, we are better off than these ICL players who feel like they can ditch their country whenever they want. We don't need such players.

    Imran Nazir, Rana, Razzak, Imran Farhat - all these guys are tried and tested. Did we manage to win anything big while these guys were there?

    Its time to move on my friend.

    Its time to support the Pakistan that is.

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