Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is Akash Chopra the Fake IPL Player?

Who knows.

A number of you who commented on my first post regarding the Fake IPL Player suggested that it is in fact Akash Chopra.

You have your reasons, and I have mine for believing that he is not.

A few days back the news coming in from the Kolkata Knight Riders camp was that the anonymous blogger "would be caught within 24 hours" and made to leave South Africa and that maybe even criminal charges will be pressed.

Fake, however, has continued to blog, and there has been no official word on his identity or anyone being caught and sent home.

Till this morning, when this news came in.

There's no mention of the Fake Blogger in this news, but it does talk about Akash Chopra and Sanjay Bangar being sent back to India.

The reason given is:

"These [Chopra and Bangar] are two very good senior international players so John Buchanan and the team management thought that if they are not going to have the opportunity [to play] it is unfair to keep them around," Joy Bhattacharya, Kolkata CEO, said.

The funny thing is that both Chopra and Bangar have thus far appeared in the 3 games that KKR has played - Chopra in 2 of them and Bangar in the 3rd where he replaced Chopra.

So all of a sudden there are not a part of the "scheme of things"?

Or is it because Akash Chopra was identified as the Fake IPL Player?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Make your pitch on this post...

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3 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    i think the fake ipl player is setup by shahrukh khan

  2. Q said...

    Maybe is. I wouldnt rule that out.

  3. Anonymous said...

    It has to be some intellectual media person or a journalist...the situations doesnt sound they really happened

    Zapak Cricket

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