Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Qualifers Get Interesting & Davison Smashes a Ton

Day 3 of the ICC World Cup Qualifiers went well for the UAE but not so much for Afghanistan, who lost their first match of the tournament.

Afghanistan were downed by Kenya, who must surely be one of the favorites.

Though after losing to Netherlands I did not expect Kenya to give the Afghans such a heavy defeat.

And who else but the never age-ing veteran of so many world cups, Kennedy Otieno at the forefront of the Kenyan Victory with an unbeaten century.

UAE, on the other hand, faced a tense chase against the Netherlands finally getting there in the final over with 2 wickets to spare.

Saqib Ali finally showed what he's all about!

UAE getting to a win without a single run from Khurram Khan is a surprise, albeit a good one!

Victory without the skipper's contribution has been rare for the UAE and its a positive sign that shows that they can do it.

These results make Group B wide open with UAE, Afghanistan, Kenya, and the Netherlands all on 2 wins from 3 matches.

UAE beat Netherlands who beat Kenya who beat both UAE and Afghanistan.

This sounds more interesting then what the test nations get up to.

Group A looks the dull one though with Ireland and Canada dominating the proceedings and Namibia and Oman not being able to win anything.

Considering that, aren't the groups slightly skewed?

It's like having Australia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka in one Group and Pakistan, New Zealand, England, and West Indies in the other!

I know they're based on some rankings but surely something's wrong.

In other news, Bermuda won their first match and our favorite Dwayne Leverock was once again on top with the ball: 9-0-23-0.

Amazing for a man who went for almost a 100 in a match in the 2007 World Cup.

Canada became the first team to go beyond 300 in the qualifiers and who else but John Davison to get them there.

Davison, who holds the record for the fastest century in a World Cup match, smashed 131 off 99 deliveries with 10 fours and 6 sixes against Namibia.

He had failed to get going in the first 2 matches, but today, he made it his day!

Jrod, you must be pleased.

I am too as long as UAE and Afghanistan stay in the race!

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7 Pitched:

  1. Amy said...

    If only Botswana were playing, I'd support them.

  2. cricketanalysisdotcom said...

    Go Afghanistan!
    I think the lesser teams should get more chances to play against the top sides. Who cares if they get destroyed, the same several teams gets old after a while.

  3. Abdullah said...

    Q I have responded to your arguments of MAZA.

    Regarding this thread I don't really have much interest in these minow sides and hence shouldn't make any comment.

  4. Q said...

    Why botswana Amy?

  5. Q said...

    Cricketanalysisdotcom, welcome to WP!

    I think they shud play more often among themselves to improve rather than against the stronger sides..

  6. Q said...

    MAZA, I have responded as well..

  7. Amy said...

    Just because they'd probably lose.

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