Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Book with Balls

Do you know Cricket with Balls?

Ofcourse you know Cricket with Balls! The one with the one and only Jrod!

That cricket blog started way back in September 2007; around the same time that Well Pitched came into being.

Since then, CWB has become a sort of cult cricket blog.

Have you been following Cricket with Balls since it decided to take over cricket?

If you read Jrod's introductory post, you'll see that they didn't plan to do that.

All he planned to do was, "We are not journalists so don’t expect us to use reason, facts and common sense to win you over. We will use anecdotes, passionate ramblings, odd comparisons, humour and just a touch of bullshit in order to entertain, inform and titillate you".

Boy has he lived up to his word.

If you haven't followed Cricket with Balls since then, or for all of last year, you can do so now.

And you can do it while in bed, while you're trying to kill some hours in the office, when you're in the tube, or in a plane, or hell even when you're on the toilet seat.

That is because Cricket with Balls is out with a book:

The Year Of The Balls 2008: A Disrespective

That is what the book is called and its got the best of 2008 from the website compiled into 163 pages of reading that will definitely humor, entertain, inform, and titillate you.

So don't wait, hop on over here and buy the book.

Jrod reckons that one can only be a freak if one has read every single post of his from 2008.

Well I ain't no freak but I would be very surprised if I find something in those 163 pages that I have not read before.

But that's not a reason not to buy the book. I have already ordered mine!

So what if you've read everything on the site; a book is for keeps and you're a Cricket with Balls junkie so you gotta have one!

Make your pitch on this post...

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