Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Fake IPL Player Comes Out! Or Does He?

The Fake IPL Player promised that Wednesday would be the day when he comes out in the open.

He kept his promise alright.

Here's his revelation.

So who is he?

As I said, the man is a coward and a bit too smart to come out in the open and disclose himself.

With some shady shadow play, Fake reveals it all in his 4 minute speech.

All but his name.

Cricket, match fixing, bollywood, entertaiment, he links it all and talks sense.

Maybe some people would be able to figure out who he is, I could not.

A few things are for sure though - he's not a cricket player as he first claimed. He's a journalist with inside info. He's from Delhi but is a major fan of Kolkata.

And he's a fan of Bollywood and SRK as well - why then his chosen name for SRK, I'm not sure.

You know what I think. Now I'm pretty sure that he was someone on the payroll of SRK. Looks and sounds like that to me.

The question now is, will the blog continue or was this his last post?

Make your pitch on this post...

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30 Pitched:

  1. Amy said...

    What an attractive shadow he has.

  2. Q said...

    You should tell him that, maybe that will get him to show his face and come out in the open.

  3. Viswanathan said...

    Much Ado About Nothing.

  4. raj said...

    I'd believe that SRK is behind this. Last year, SRK started off with a bang on his website, getting some interesting features taking digs at other teams. That was done by the venerable gentleman at, a cult weird Indian humour site. But people got offended, notably our grumpy Prince, and it died a natural death. So, it cannot be ruled out that SRK created a fake entity taking shots at everyone without being 'official'.

  5. Q said...

    Raj: Thats interesting.. I didn't know abt Bosey working for SRK last season.. do u have a link to where he posted?

    Now I also think that it was SRK at work.. after all the shadow signs off with a title of an SRK movie..

    And Vinnie Dildo may just be to throw people off...

  6. Anonymous said...

    A cheap publicity hungry asshole idiot...

  7. raj said...

    Q, it's here

    Watch out the comments - yours truly predicted when the first issue came out and Yuvraj was heavily made fun of - that Yuvraj the grumpy prince will ensure that the feature doesnt continue through Preity to SRK. That actually happened. The Yuvraj features disappeared mysteriously from the site and the whole idea died a death.

    BTW, the same writer is in charge of some Page 2 features in cricinfo this year.

  8. raj said...

    Q, it's here

    Watch out the comments - yours truly predicted when the first issue came out and Yuvraj was heavily made fun of - that Yuvraj the grumpy prince will ensure that the feature doesnt continue through Preity to SRK. That actually happened. The Yuvraj features disappeared mysteriously from the site and the whole idea died a death.

    BTW, the same writer is in charge of some Page 2 features in cricinfo this year.

  9. Q said...

    Raj: I saw the blog and his post abt working for Page 2. No wonder it looks like a blog.

    This bosey person sounds quite interesting. Will be following his blog from now on.

    I wonder why no one else connected the pieces regarding the FIP the way u have done here..

    Makes sense to me.

  10. Q said...

    Sam: I see why u say that.. many others have the same belief. But I can understand why he didnt disclose himself. I was sure he wasnt going to..

  11. Anonymous said...

    Q, its very easy for anybody to come and say SRK hired the bosey guy to do so.

    I m sory i live in a perfect world, so i dont believe SRk would stoop to such a level where he would spoof his own team and then start the hunt.

    imho, he s a bollywood reporter or a kollywood reporter(dig) with some inside info....

    and then SRK has equal haters n lovvers. more from the southern lala land, so i have no wonder on what SRK from DDLJ (Raj)has to say.

  12. raj said...

    Well, Q, I connected the dots myself only today. It has been running on the back of my mind but the dots connected only today.
    Bosey's quite interesting, but you need to know lotsa local spice from Chennai to enjoy it truly. Nevertheless, tehre are a few bollywood and international pieces which can be enjoyed by others.

  13. raj said...

    Sam, comprehension, man, comprehension. You need lots of it.
    I didnt say Bosey did it for SRK. The bengali humour in FIP blog couldnt have been done by madrasi bosey. I just said that SRK after having his efforts to parody IPL players thwarted last year by grumpy Princes, might have resorted to an unofficial way of doing it. Which makes a lot of sense if you think about it. ANd it was just speculation.
    (Clearly, I was giving Sharukh a lot of credit here not criticism, if you could only comprehend. But you chose to interpret that as hate for SRK. Whatever. I believe there are good courses around for comprehension.)

  14. Anonymous said...

    Raj, Am not speaking of Bong or Madrasi or whatever, i m just trying to come to a point that i dont think this is from SRK (FIP sponsoring).

    If you could come up with a detailed analysis on why you think Bosey has done it (not based on premise that in year XXXX he did it, so he would be the one for XXXX+1 also) on this space or ur own blog (if any)or the assumptions in detail on Bosey, then it would be an eye opener for lesser mortals like me

  15. Anonymous said...

    Raj, speculation doesnt lead to a conclusion. That proves comprehension warrants in your space, not mine. only if you could rise over regions (bong, madrasi)

  16. Anonymous said...

    Raj, stay out of personal attacks.

    Q, sorry for taking this out here.

  17. Q said...

    Alright.. I dont think there was a personal attack..

    Sam, Raj's theory is quite simple:

    1) SRK hired Bosey last year to do something along the lines of the FIP.
    2) Bosey did but had to stop cos there were too many complaints. And he was doing it as Bosey, not anonymous.
    3) Given that, maybe SRK hired someone to do the same this year. Only this time there was no identity and they were smarter in not getting caught.

    U may or may not agree with it.

    I think it makes sense..

  18. adverbin said...

    Actually he is hired by Modi (H not L)! Given the vague accusations / slander, H.Modi/Subashchandra are likely to have hired this hack. This makes as much sense (if not more) as Vinnie hiring him.
    Amazingly none of has considered that ICL may have had a role in attempting to discredit IPL.

  19. Q said...

    Adverbin: Good to see u here on WP.

    The problem with that theory is that there was very little discrediting of the IPL and a lot more of KKR..

    Plus it created a lot of hype.. which the ICL would not have wanted..

  20. scorpicity said...

    What a farce... This is exactly why I loathe SRK... How low can a guy stoop to make money.

    Every word the so-called fake scum said was utter bullshit.

    As for Bosey, I quite know him and have followed him for long. And yes, every signs of SRK's handiwork to make money.

    Disgusting swine he is.

  21. raj said...

    Q, glad that atleast you understood my import.that's pretty much my theory.and even there, not a strong theory just thinking aloud. Not sure why that translates to anti-srk southie lala land(what's that, why lala land.any hidden vengeance against southsam?) Stuff

  22. Q said...

    Scorps: strong sentiments there buddy..

    Though I'm not sure if every word FIP said was untrue..

    There were a lot of things he talked abt before they came up in the media..

    Including team composition and strategies..

  23. Q said...

    Raj: I know.. ur theory makes a lot of sense to me.. again not entirely convinced but I want to find some time to go through Bosey's last year's posts and see if there's a pattern..

    Either way, FIP's promise of a disclosure was a major downer.

  24. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Guys, last month i'd written this post. At that point I did think it was SRK, still feel it could be.

    Gng check the link!

  25. Q said...

    NC: I was wondering who it was that wrote abt the movie and FIP connection.. thanks for sharing again!

  26. Q said...

    Raj, u might be on to something:

  27. Anonymous said...

    Totally Bollywood...

  28. scorpicity said...

    Q... It is the KKR's creation. They have done it to generate interest in the team. A gimmick which worked well.

    FIP's video where he positions himself as this disgruntled cricket fan who so-called skipped an IIM interview for a cricket match and how he has seen it all is the biggest farce.

    And BTW, Bosey aka Anand is a brilliant blogger and I really love his blog.

    All I am smarting about is why SRK has to stoop this low to make money.

    This is some writer, who is on their payroll. Period.

    If the KKR did indeed want to discover who it was, it would have taken a simple police complaint and a few hours to trace the writer.

    If dumbballs who send threatening emails to CM's in the country get traced in hours, this dude takes the cake with the KKR management.

    That FIP site was not even listed in google for 2 weeks, as per google policies. So Imagine this blogger, who writes one post and is automatically discovered by all the leading channels and portals in the world. HAH!!!

    This is dirty PR.

  29. Q said...

    Anon: completely Bollywood! :-)

  30. Q said...

    Scorps: I agree with you.. I did a post long time ago asking what happened to the witch hunt to find the FIP within 24 hrs? In that I mentioned how I thought that all the officials including Lalit Modi were in on it..

    I also agree with the fact that he was one hired by SRK and KKR.. not Bosey, but the idea was the same as SRK had with Bosey last year..

    Cheap publicity? Maybe..

    Entertaining? Yes..

    Why? I think I know...

    Maybe SRK feels that Bollywood is unfairly targeted by the media for spicy masala stories for their mags.. maybe he thought that cricketers deserve the same.. hence..

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