Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Authentic is this Cricinfo Page 2?

The IPL Page 2 is just an experiment, a beta version so to say of the Cricinfo Page 2, which will be up and running after the IPL is over.

Cricinfo Page 2 will not be an IPL specific thing, it will be the Page 2 stuff of all the cricket going on.

Is it only me, but have the rest of you also noticed something not right about this Page 2?

Let me explain.

When it started, it gave me the idea that it was going to be a non-serious look at cricket, much like many of the cricket blogs.

I mean, we - the bloggers - do look at cricket seriously, but we all try and put a little bit of humour into our posts. Some more than others, but the humour is definitely there. While some posts are completely non-serious.

Cricinfo has never been like that (barring Andy Zaltsman). Cricinfo was always the serious look at cricket.

With this Page 2, however, they are taking liberties to give that humorous tone to their columns.

The CV, the commentators' blunders, and the press conferences that never happened, are some examples of the humor-oriented columns on IPL Page 2.

They all look like something that the cricket bloggers would have come up with, not Cricinfo.

Anyhow, till now I kept giving Cricinfo the benefit of the doubt.

Till I saw this!

The moment I saw it, I thought of this.

Jrod wrote that a year ago. That post also appeared in The Wisden Cricketer.

Now I certainly believe that Cricinfo Page 2 is taking its cue from cricket bloggers; and what better for them than to pick stuff up from the best of them all - Cricket with Balls.

That's not all.

This Page 2 have a few copy writers as well. Plagiarism is a crime; a big one if you're trying to make it as a writer.

No matter how much benefit of the doubt I would like to give Tishani Doshi, it makes it difficult when you take a look at the evidence provided by Kridaya - here about her "Gladwell" post and here about her "Chekhov" post!

Kridaya's not the only one. Ducking Beamers exposes Tishani Doshi as well, in a completely different way!

So then, how authentic is this Cricinfo Page 2?

Decide for yourself.

Make your pitch on this post...

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