Sunday, May 24, 2009

Its more than just Genital Warts - Drugs? Pain Killers?

Yesterday I told you how Shoaib Akhtar was fuming over his omission from Pakistan's ICC World Twenty20.

Well he hasn't kept the anger inside him and has let the PCB and the team management know exactly what he thinks of them.

He has even gotten the President of Pakistan involved in this matter.

The PCB and the team management, in situations like these, is not one to remain quiet.

And they have come out in the open about Shoaib Akhtar's addiction to pain killers, according to this article in The News.

This is not a surprise, because as soon as Shoaib pulled out of Pakistan's training camp, the popular opinion doing the rounds was that Shoaib will never feature in any ICC branded cricket series because of obvious reasons.

The obvious reasons being drug testing, which takes place in ICC World Cups and Champions Trophies, but not during bilateral tours.

However, the fact that Shoaib is trying to get back in the squad implies that he may not be on any drugs that are illegal as per the WADA terms.

Even though they were illegal for the UAE, which does in fact have stricter laws against drugs than even WADA.

Whatever it is, its quite obvious that Shoaib Akhtar has little friends left within the team and the administration.

First his genital warts become public, and now his addiction to pain killing injections.

What's next?

Shoaib is set to lead the Islamabad Leopards against Younis Khan's Peshawar Panthers in the opening game of the RBS 20-20 Cup, that gets underway from tomorrow in Lahore.

This drama has not ended yet.

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