Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jrod on the Radio

Jrod of Cricket with Balls fame, who just became the first ever cricket blogger to write a cricket book and get it published, was just on the radio.

It was his first ever radio interview, carried by a New Zealand based radio channel; and I had the privilege of listening to it.

I'll try and reproduce what was said, however the humour that was there in the chat might be missing. But here it is anyway.

The presenters welcomed Jrod by calling him a senior Australian cricket correspondent from London. They mentioned that he was the business of running a cricket website, a blog, and that now he was breaking into a new market of book readers, which was a big thing.

Jrod started of the interview in the way he knows best, by bagging the Aussies. "Yeah its a big thing for an Australian to write a book", was his opening line.

He talked about how the idea came up, which was through some people suggesting it to him and Jrod deciding to do it when someone said he wouldn't have to write anything but pick it all up from the website and put it together. "That was easy to do", said Jrod.

When asked how he decided what to include and what not, Jrod mentioned that he did try to give it a story but obviously there was no narrative in there.

Picking what to include was easy according to Jrod, "just put in what included a bit of sex, some swearing, what was funny..."

The presenters pitched in with "Jesse Ryder drinking".

Jrod made a statement that if his old posts still make him laugh then they would surely make other people laugh, and I think that is completely true.

I just started reading the book so I know!

The presenters then asked him about the website and Jrod talked about how it came about as a platform for him and his friends to talk about cricket.

"Initially everyone was excited that yeah we'll discuss cricket, but within a week I was the only writing", said Jrod. I know how that works Jrod. That's pretty much the story of Well Pitched as well.

Oh, he also mentioned that he is originally a film maker. Did you know that? I knew that.

Coming back to the website, Jrod praised the cricket loving Indians and how they started coming to his website, which gradually resulted in a lot of people hearing about it.

The presenters wondered if it was the India vs Australia series in Dec 2007 that raised the popularity of his site, since Jrod gave the unique perspective of bagging both sides.

According to Jrod it was that and also due to some state cricketers turning up on his Victorian blog and eventually on Cricket with Balls.

He then turned to some Aussie bagging by bringing up the Ponting-Kumble pact regarding the catches and questioning how Kumble did not know that that meant that the Australian will claim everything they caught.

He went on to say that Bradman wasn't exactly the best of persons in the world, and that it didn't get any better after that.

Religion came up next, as the presenters asked Jrod what Sehwagology was.

Jrod confessed that he had no idea how to explain how Sehwag batted, hence it had to be something to do with what he believes in, which is Sehwagology.

He said it couldn't be explained, much like what would Jesus do if he batted. "How would jesus bat?", asked Jrod.

He also explained the way Sehwag would ask a girl out. By doing just that - asking her out. Going up to her and asking her directly without any fuss.

That people, is Sehwagology by Jrod.

Then there was some Shoaib Akhtar bagging regarding the PCB disclosure about his latest injury - genital warts!

The presenters and Jrod wondered why the PCB was so honest about it and whether it was something to do with payback. They stated the obvious that Shoaib possibly could not be the first ever sports person to suffer from genital warts.

They also wondered how it stopped someone from playing cricket and Jrod explained that it was because of the after affects of getting them removed.

Shane Watson's groin injury was also linked to this with the presenters concluding that whenever someone goes down with a groin injury, everyone should know that its really genital warts!

I think its someone in the board getting back at Shoaib Akhtar for something. Wait for his response in the coming days.

After a few laughs the interview returned to Jrod's book. He mentioned that The Times, Cricinfo, and The Guardian will be carrying reviews of it soon, and hoped that others would follow suit: "I wish it were carried on Sky everyday".

They then moved to the upcoming Ashes and asked Jrod what his expectations were regarding the series.

Jrod was at his best here saying that he wanted a good series, where a lot of stuff happens, and people get real angry.

"You don't want a series like the England-West Indies series to report on, I would slit my wrists if I was asked to report on that!", he claimed.

Jrod signed off by saying that Mitchell Johnson is getting bit angry (by taking shots at Bopara), but it still isn't enough cause he's metrosexual.

There was a dig at Daniel Vettori's shitty captaincy as well before Jrod went off air, which the New Zealand presenters enjoyed a lot.

The interview ended with a little promotion of Cricket with Balls, and the latest cricket book in town written by Jrod.

Have you bought your copy yet?

For the Australians, its here.

You know you want to read it.

Make your pitch on this post...

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6 Pitched:

  1. Leela said...

    I wonder if a recording of his interview is available somewhere...

  2. Q said...


    Jrod said that they were going to send him a recording soon..

  3. Ceci said...

    Thank you so much for that - missed it going out last night by minutes and was v cross. The book is indeed terrific - have just read the entry about Imran Tahir's annihilation of Notts county championship hopes with its fab payoff line "Imran, if I had Natalie Portman's number I would seriously consider giving it to you right now"

  4. Q said...

    Ceci: Not a problem. I got notified 15 minutes b4 he was coming on and was on it with paper and pen in tow ;-) .. it reminded me of his podcasts a bit.

    That is an awesome line abt Imran Tahir and Natalie.

    Jrod credits me on page 162, its right next to your credit :-)

  5. miriam said...

    great report Q. I was away last night and was very sorry to miss the interview so thanks for putting this up.

  6. Q said...

    Miriam: no worries abt this.. had fun listening and writing it down. You'll have the audio soon i believe.

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