Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Road to the IPL Semi Finals Ends

First Shahrukh Khan, and then today Shilpa Shetty and Priety Zinta - the bollywood gang is on their way to where they belong - Mumbai!

The day began quite badly and continued to get worse.

First the news of Symonds not making it to the Ashes squad. How sad.

Then the Fake IPL Player proving that he is a coward.

Then the Rajasthan Royals, the defending champs, being kicked out by the worst team in the IPL. No more Shane Warne. Complete sadness!

Thank heavens for the Chennai Super Kings putting the brakes on the Kings XI and bringing some semblance of excitement to the day.

This more or less means that both the Deccan Chargers and the Royal Challengers Bangalore are on their way to semi finals.

I really don't think that a loss for either of them will drop their respective net run rates from +0.265 and -0.253 to below -0.483.

I don't believe its possible, unless Deccan inflict a heavy defeat on Bangalore.


So what could have been a potential cracker of a do or die match for both teams, will now be a relatively insignificant one.

The only thing at stake would be who faces who in the semis.

The winner of the Deccan-Bangalore match will take on Chennai, while the losing side will take on the Delhi Daredevils.

Who do they fancy?

In the overall scheme of things, how the Semi Final plot was unraveling, tomorrow is quite a downer as the last day of the group stages.

Still, here's rooting for a Deccan win so that a potential Deccan-Delhi final could be set up.

Here's also rooting for Glen McGrath to finally get a game and do battle against Sachin Tendulkar once again.

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10 Pitched:

  1. life_in_binary said...

    Finally I have cleared my head as to which team to support...DC all the way!! :)

    will be a fairytail ending if they pull it off...from bottom of the table last year to champs this year!!

  2. Rayden said...

    Unbelievable - Deccan and Bangalore through to semis - the worst two teams of last year. In fact everyone laughed at the Bangalore team even this year while KP was the captain.

    Hey I hope Mcgrath gets a game - Mcgrath vs Tendulkar would be awesome. Both will play for a lot of pride. Hope Mumbai wins :-) - although now I am supporting Delhi for the IPL crown.

  3. Q said...

    LIB: Deccan it is for me as well!

  4. Q said...

    Rayden: Surely is unbelievable.

    Im hoping to see McGrath.. DDD have given everyone a game, why not McGrath now...

  5. Anonymous said...

    Is Shane Warne going to quit from IPL? He said something of that sort during the presentation.. I hope thats not what he meant though... IPL wouldn't be the same without him :(

  6. reality_in_binary said...

    CSK all the way! Or Delhi, which is the best batting side in IPL-2

  7. Rayden said...

    I think Sehwag has something again Mcgrath - everyone in the Delhi team got a game but Mcgrath. Maharoof got multiple games !!

  8. Q said...

    Anon: I hope not.. what did Warne say? I dont think I heard it.. or maybe we understood it differently.. I think he will be back.

  9. Q said...

    Reality in Binary: haha.. interesting choice of a name..

    CSK? I hope not..

    DDD? I would not mind..

    But im leaning towards DC!

  10. Q said...

    Rayden: I dont think its anything against McGrath.. maybe McGrath was not too inclined to play.. though must say, I did miss him this year..

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