Friday, May 15, 2009

What are the Chances of Your IPL Team?

Do you want to know which teams stand a chance to make it to the semi finals of the IPL?

Do you want to know which team's chances are better than others?

Do you want to drown yourself in some complex mathematical calculations and projections?

If yes then I suggest you hop over to Kridaya's cricket lounge and take a look at his IPL 2009 Projections.

Using all the different permutations and combinations of the 11 matches left in the IPL, Kridaya applies probability and statistics and all those mathematical tricks to come up with the chances of each team finishing at a certain position on the points table.

According to Kridaya's projections, Delhi have a 91% chance of finishing 1st and a 6% chance of finishing 2nd.

We didn't need so many calculations to figure that one out.

But it gets interesting.

Chennai have a 46% of finishing 2nd and a 24% chance of finishing 3rd.

While Deccan and Rajasthan have the best chance of finishing 3rd and 4th respectively.

Those are the respective positions of the 4 teams as of now, but Kridaya's done some great work here, which I reckon is worth a look.

See how your team's chances stand.

Mumbai and Punjab won't be too happy.

And Kolkata?

They are the only team that score 100% in Kridaya's table. A 100% chance of finishing 8th!

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