Saturday, May 30, 2009

What they are saying about the ICC World Twenty20

Leela recently interviewed the captains of the teams paraticipating in the ICC World Twenty20, and she got some interesting thoughts from them about their teams' chances.

Here, we bring you the thoughts that have been coming in from all the different camps at the world twenty20.

The first murmurs started to come from the Bangladesh camp; Jamie Siddons, their coach, talked about their aims to get into the Super 8s of the ICC World Twenty20.

I think Bangladesh will make it there.

Then we heard another minnow coach in Phil Simmons talking about how he wanted his team, Ireland, to make it to the Super 8 stage.

Some say the conditions in England will suit the Irish, but I think when it comes to T20, the European teams are not as good as the Asian ones. Bangladesh will pip them to the Super 8s I believe.

Then we heard from the Sri Lankan captain; King Sanga said that his team were set to make a strong impact at the world twenty20.

Sure they will; the only problem being their presence in the Group of Death along with Australia and the West Indies.

While the other teams were talking about their aims at the World T20, out came Tim Nielsen, the Australia coach, who demanded his players to have more respect for 20-20 cricket.

Wonderful Tim! About time, isn't it?

Then we had Mickey Arthur talking up South Africa's and India's chances at the 20-20 world cup.

So which one is it Mickey - South Africa or India?

Andy Flower made sense when he talked about how poor England had been in 20-20 cricket, but he didn't shy away from saying that his team had a great chance at the world cup.

Andy, no matter how experienced the English get at T20, you know as well I do that they don't stand a chance. After all these years they're still trying to learn the ODI game; T20 is another thing altogether.

It was time for another captain to finally speak after all the coaches making noise; Dhoni did just that as he talked about how the IPL gave his players a lot of exposure, which will definitely help India at the T20 world cup.

They are the only team who had all their squad members playing in the IPL; it will surely count for something.

Graeme Smith also jumped on to the bandwagon and spoke about how South Africa had been so good over the last 12 months and how badly he wants to win the world twenty20.

Just because you're "hungry" for it, does not mean you will win it Graeme!

New Zealand's coach, Andy Moles, and chief selector, Glenn Turner, also came to the party and said that a lot of thought had been put in by New Zealand in preparation for the world twenty20.

They always work hard the Kiwis.

Pakistan has also made some noise with their coach Intikhab Alam saying that he's happy with the team's preparations, while their captain Younis Khan talking about how he wants to win the title.

You can do it Younis!

Chris Gayle hasn't spoken much about the West Indies chances at the 20-20 world cup, but he does mention how glad his team is to be playing T20 again, instead of the tests in "chilly England".

I'm glad Gayle is where he likes to be.

That's all the noise that we've been hearing regarding the ICC World Twenty20 from the different camps.

But no one heard about Australia's chances, because Tim Nielsen just talked about how they needed to take T20 more seriously.

Then someone went back to the Aussies to ask them about their preparations; this is what Micheal Hussey had to say:

"Australia will have to survive a ferocious challenge from England to retain the Ashes".

Boy! Didn't anyone tell them they were in England for the T20 world cup? Guys, you can win the Ashes. I reckon you've got one hand on the trophy already! High time you start thinking about the tournament you're going to have difficulty winning.

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