Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Australia Will Not Win the ICC World Twenty20

A lot of people are talking about India and South Africa as the favorites for the ICC World Twenty20, while I have talked about Pakistan.

No one is talking up Australia's chances; I have a few reasons why not.
  1. If they couldn't win it with Matthew Hayden, Adam Gilchrist, and Brad Hodge in 2007, it is highly unlikely that they will win it this time round.

  2. They're all about the Ashes. That's where there thoughts are and will be throughout the tournament.

  3. There's no Shaun Marsh.

  4. Their coach thinks they don't play enough Twenty20 Internationals and that his players regard 20-20 cricket as exhibition cricket.

    Someone forgot to tell Tim Nielsen that his team has actually played more T20 internationals than any other team. (Refer to Table).

    If Nielsen thinks that Australia doesn't take 20-20 seriously and that they don't play enough of it, then they can't be taken seriously. Can they?

  5. Andrew Symonds will make sure he tells every other squad member exactly what he thinks about them making it into the Ashes squad, and that will not be a pleasant sight.

  6. Ponting thinks his players will be tested at the world twenty20 - not the typical confident stuff from the Aussies.

  7. They're pooled in the Group of Death along with Sri Lanka and the West Indies. Any bets that the Aussies won't make it to the Super 8s?

For a change, Australia are not starting a World Cup as favorites.

A better change I believe. Even more, they're not starting it as the team that looks likely to win it.

Nevertheless, count them out at your own peril; I'm only speculating!

Make your pitch on this post...

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17 Pitched:

  1. raj said...

    I wouldnt think so. In T20, even minnows have a chance. Australia can surprise us :-)

  2. Q said...

    Agree abt the minnows Raj, esp Bangladesh and Ireland.. but Australia? nah! ;-)

  3. Anonymous said...

    Homer's air here. I dont agree with the points. nope. australia are one of the strongest contenders for the title..

    None of the points make strong arguments. they r off the field reasons. not the on field reasons.

  4. Wasim said...

    Smells like prejudice. "minnows like Bangladesh and Ireland have a chance but not Australia."

    Australia has as much chance as India, Pakistan or SA.

  5. Nasir said...

    It just feels like they don't want it enough. I always get the feeling that Australia and maybe even South Africa feel it's 'beneath' them to try too hard to win the T20 World Cup. After all, it's just an exhibition sport innit? The one day and test series is where it''s at, right?
    I think the subcontinental teams have no such hangups and will fight tooth and tail to win the cup. Just my two cents...

  6. Tifosi Guy said...


    You do end the piece with saying it's speculation, and some of your points do make sense. However, I have them down as one of sure shot semis finalists.

    They are coming from the group of death and my punt is for S Af to lose out again from it. India/Aus to get through.

    Aus have a more than capable squad and I think not having the T20 WC in their trophy cabinet will gall them. I have them as my dark horse to go all the way.

    And if that happens - woe betide England in the Ashes :) As it is they have no hope there, but with an Aussie side with the T20 WC ? they might as well give the Ashes series a miss :) :)

  7. Q said...

    Sam, Wasim: come on guys, u know my writing better than that.. there was no prejudice in there.. just mere speculation and my thoughts on "WHY Aus won't win it".. surely there a few reason of why they will..

    It was meant to be a light hearted post.. besides the Nielsen comment, everything else is quite non-serious shit..

  8. Q said...

    Nasir: I agree completely.. SA maybe not too much now, but Australia have for a long time felt that way.. That came out in Tim Nielsen's comments as well.. he said he wanted the Aussies to stop thinking of 20-20 as exhibition cricket anymore.

    If anything, they're starting to take it seriously now.

  9. Q said...

    Tifosi Guy: the English stand no chance in the Ashes.

    As for the T20, well who knows. they did make the semis last time.

    And the group of death, I meant the Group C to start with - they have to deal with SL and WI, whereas all the other groups have atleast 1 minnow.

    The Super 8 is another story altogether..

  10. Anonymous said...

    agreed with u Q if thats a dig :P

  11. straight point said...

    Q...was buchanan the coach of oz last time... ;-)

  12. raj said...

    Q, you know I was kidding. It's T20, any of the top 8 nations have a chance. Who knows? Even England might surprise us.

  13. said...

    Probably they could if they included Gilly and Shane Warne ;)

  14. Q said...

    Sam, thanks :-p

  15. Q said...

    SP: I'm not sure.. I think he ws or did he retire after the ODI World Cup in 07?

  16. Q said...

    Raj: I know u were kidding.. some other thought I was being prejudiced so was just clearing myself with them :-)

  17. Q said...

    Deepsquareleg: and Hayden too!

    Welcome to Well Pitched.

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