Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Absurdity of the World T20 Format

The Scottish go back home after a weekend of cricket in England, while South Africa and New Zealand become the first teams to qualify for the Super 8s of the ICC World Twenty20.

Now South Africa and New Zealand clash in a league game in a couple of days, the result of which will have no bearing on their standing in their respective Super 8 pools.

How absurd is that?


Spigot over at 4.5 inches of wood has an idea for the ICC and I like it.

Maybe that's what they should be doing.

That will also keep the minnows like Scotland in England for more than just a weekend.

How many of the Scots will be going to work tomorrow morning?

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  1. Indophile said...

    What's the problem with deshi captains ?where is the bloody intent from Yunus Khan just feel like watching Dhoni again And can anybody in the world explain what happened to Afridi he just forgot how to bat I guess. I did saw those innings against Aussies in Dubai but still doesn't feel like old Afridi

  2. Q said...


    ur right, there was no bloody intent.. dont know wats gotten into them!

    Even in the Dubai innings against the Aussies, Afridi didn't blast them away for sixes.. he hasnt been able to do that for a long time now.. I don't know wats gotten into him.. he's lost it all.

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