Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Ashes Start Next Week

Whoever told you the first game will be on 8th July was wrong.

The first game of the Ashes series will take place between the best of England and the best of Australia at Barnes CC in London on Monday, 29th June.

The Village Cricketer will lead the Best of England side, while the King of Bloggers, Jrod of Cricket with Balls, will be leading Australia.

Its not just any cricket match this one; its the Bloggers' Ashes!

Moreover, besides wanting to kick each others' behinds, VC and Jrod are playing the game for a noble and charitable cause.

That being raising awareness and funds for the everyman male cancer campaign.

For more information on the match, please visit the Village Cricketer and CWB.

If you would like donate towards this noble cause, you can do it here.

Oh and the Jrod is looking for players for his team. So if you are an Australian living in London, or are willing to fly in for Monday, please email and Jrod will take it from there.

Remember, its the Ashes, and they're on 29th June!

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4 Pitched:

  1. Abdullah said...
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  2. Abdullah said...

    The tickets are far too expensive which openly demonstrates the anticipation. I hope Adil Rashid gets into the reckoning. I predict England winners !

  3. Q said...

    I also hope they play Rashid.. he would be more of a threat than Swan in my opinion..

  4. Abdullah said...

    Yh if England win the Ashes that would have been a perfectionist summer for me to accomplish Pakistan's T20 triumph from a British-Pakistani's point of view.

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