Friday, June 19, 2009

Dont Bounce the Ball

Ive been scouring the web for interesting reads and reactions to Pakistan's win. I came across two very interesting items while I was surfing.

David Hopps at the Guardian sums up Pakistan's victory but also brings up a very interesting incident.

Pakistan's victory came despite what seemed to be an unacceptable
intervention by the Australian umpire Steve Davis in the wake of the
ball-tampering allegations made by New Zealand against Gul. Davis seemed to tell
Pakistan's fielders not to throw the ball into the stumps on the bounce, in an
attempt to roughen up the ball more quickly. It was a perfectly legitimate
tactic and Davis's admonishment, if so it was, smacked of an attempt to impose
arbitrary and unfair restrictions.

I didnt notice the umpire trying to enforce any such policy but I did see him trim a piece of seam from the ball toward the If this is true then it will only fuel the flame of bias and presuming the Pakistan team being guilty of "something". How is throwing the ball back to the keeper on one bounce an offense? Will the umpires next ask the batsmen to not hit the ball too hard or into the stands?

The second piece of info is pretty sad if true. The Times of India reports that India's Twenty20 cricket team manager has been suspended on charges of sexual harrassment.

On a lighter note, lets hope that the umpires dont report Afridi for sexual harrassement (for blowing a kiss at Kallis)

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15 Pitched:

  1. Unknown said...


    The South Africans were doing the same, the commentators even spoke about them doing it, why didn't the umps stop them? The Aussies have been using this technique for ages, if the umpire really did just stop us, we should fight back and lodge a formal complain to the ICC.

    As far as the incident where the umpire is cutting the seam off is concerned, I think Younis Khan went to the umpire himself and asked him to cut it for him. If the seam was coming out and was bothering the bowlers, and Younis Khan had attempted to take it off himself, the cameras would've caught that and everybody would have cried foul. I think Younis did the smart thing by asking the Ump to do it for him.

  2. Q said...


    That was Obaid :-)

    Obaid, I missed that while watching the match. I didn't notice the umpire say not to bounce the ball.. and the crowd around was so loud that the commentary was hardly heard..

    But if that was the case as is explained in the Guardian, then I am bemused to say the least..

    How the hell can the umpires stop u from doing that?

    I think the Pak camp needs to complain. This is just not on.

  3. Q said...


    Ur right abt the formal complain. The PCB or the PAk team mgmt should do it.

    I agree abt Younis asking the umps to cut the seam off.. surely we didn't want the cameras picking up younis doing it.

  4. Unknown said...

    My apologies Obaid, from now on I'm just going to write..Dear Writer..

  5. obaid said...

    Thats ok, Q does he writing... I just jump in once in a while and I dont mind being mistaken for Q :) He's our hotshot writer

  6. raj said...

    Well, South Africa did the same in the second innings and Davies didnt complain. You cannot get a better example of the bias that ICC officials have against the sub-continent. Where are all the Aussie paragons of virtue bloggers now? Have they even taken note of this? No ofcourse they wont.

  7. Zag said...

    Hani's right, SA players were doing the same thing, why make an issue with Pakistan only??

  8. karachikhatmal said...

    i just asked the sports reporter from my channel and he says that even the aussies were told not to do it in abu dhabi... it's a fucking stupid rule, but then again cricket is where stupid rules come to die

  9. Q said...


    ofcourse they won't. I don't see why Pakistan should not complain abt this.

  10. Q said...


    Cos they always like to create issues with what Pakistan does.

  11. Q said...


    Are u serious? The Aussies were stopped from doing it? I didn't know abt that.

    But its surprising cos Pakistan always does it in almost every game.. not only T20 but ODIs as well.

  12. Rayden said...

    Don't Bounce The Ball?????? That has got to be the stupidest rule ever !! I really think Pak board needs to put an official complaint.

  13. scorpicity said...

    That's funny... Coz in the semifinals, the Saffer fielders were all throwing the ball on the practice pitches all the way to the keeper.

    What assh$%les some of these umpires can be.

    As for the sexual harassment, a true LOL. I thought he was kicked for corruption at least that was what was being reported.

  14. scorpicity said...

    That sexual harassment charge is incredible along with his statement that he is a zamindar!!

    The guy is a sitting duck. Might as well commit suicide when the media brigade walks by on this one.

  15. Q said...


    Stupidest, definitely!

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