Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot, Not, and Needs to be Rethought! (ICC T20 2009 edition)

I have so much to say about Pakistan's win, but I just can't seem to put my thoughts down. I am too adrenaline-rushed, even hours after the great victory. I'm going to go for a run to take advantage!

In the meantime, here's my ICC T20 2009 edition of "Hot, Not, and Needs to be Rethought!"

Would love to hear your feedback and additions to the list!
  • Hot: Pakistani spinners; Associate Nations in T20; slow bouncers; Gul at the death; playing through rain.
  • Not: Chasing targets; Australia in T20; blind slogging; media/fan worship of Team India; expecting great things from Bangladesh.
  • Needs to be Rethought: single-digit over matches; Vettori's mouth; those anorexic looking dancers; using IPL fatigue as an excuse for losing; excessive one-over spells.

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. SledgeHammer said...

    BTW, I did post an interim list a while back, and had "Afridi's batting" under the "not hot" category.

    Obviously I removed that!!!

  2. Tyler Durden said...

    Nice @ vettori's mouth.. I couldn't agree with u more with regards to the anorexic dancers being need to be rethought..

    id add afridi at no.3 and dilshan's scoop shot to the 'hot' list though..

  3. Q said...

    Hot: Afridi taking singles, Afridi's one armed salute, Dil Dil Pakistan

    Not: the C word..

    Rethought: Duckworth/Lewis

  4. Q said...


    How things change and how volatile we are, Re: Afridi's batting...

  5. raj said...

    me too lol@Vettori's mouth. There has been too much posturing by Vettori fans on the 'thinking cricketer', 'librarian', etc. Amy S comes to the mind. obviously, its gone to his head, and he has started taking himself seriously as a thinker and articulator of the game's rules. Loads of horse shit on you, Dan. You suck.

  6. Rayden said...

    Whats Hot - Pakistan Cricket mate

    Regarding your posting on media/fan worship of Indian team, well i dont know about world media but this T20 our Indian media screwed our team. Even before the tournament began they created the unnecessary controversy saying Dhoni and Sehwag are fighting. So I put Indian media on Whats NOT. You should have seen the bashing they gave the Indian team recently.

  7. SledgeHammer said...

    @Rayden: Indian media gives the team a huge lashing when it loses even one game. Sometimes it is unfair.

    But the way they promote the teams and players is insane. I sometimes catch NDTV at my bro's place, and it's amazing how the Indian team's news comprises a good portion of the entire news. Similarly for Zee, and so many other channels.

    I remember when Zee was covering Sehwag's wedding many years back. They were interviewing throngs of people just standing outside, giving their tributes to Sehwag. One guy read out a poem he had written - Multan ka Sultan or something like that.

    The reason I say that fan/media worship is not hot is because some reality is hitting - the players are not bigger than the team, and the team is not bigger than the sport.

    The intense media/fan obsession is a negative for Team India. So a dose of reality would be good.

    The obsession is unwarranted, the violent tongue-lashing is undeserved. A middle ground of love-hate needs to be found.

  8. SledgeHammer said...

    @Q: D/L is actually being rethought for T20, so I didn't include that in my "needs to be rethought" list.

  9. Rayden said...

    @Sledge - Completely agree with you on the Indian media - thats why they are in my "Whats not hot" list.

    You mentioned Sehwag's wedding - that coverage was hilarious. Zee News was saying in bold "Exclusive coverage only on ZEE", then i switched over to NDTV and it said in bold "Exclusive coverage only on NDTV", then i switched to Star and it said "Exclusive coverage only on Star" and so on. We have about 40 news channels now out here and everytime a story breaks out - it saw exclusively only on that channel. Complete idiots.

  10. Rayden said...

    In my comment above "it saw" should have said "it says" :-)

  11. Q said...


    Yep i know it is, hence i mentioned it in the list.. haha...

  12. LiB said...

    interesting read..

    surprised me that Pakistan is prominent in most of the stats n comparisons!

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