Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Nervous Pakistan Fan

So then, the day is here when Pakistan vie for a world title.

In about 4 hours, the players will take the field for the warm ups, toss, national anthems, and the game!

I have hardly been able to sleep.

I'd be lieing if I say that I'm not stressed about the match and that it doesn't matter who wins because Pakistan has already exceeded everyone's expectations by reaching the World Twenty20 final.


Ofcourse it matters.

I want Pakistan to win. I will have it no other way.

Yes they've done great to get this far. Yes they had an awesome semi final. Yes they have surpassed all expectations.

Yes I want a world cup win!

As I finally stopped attempting to sleep, I wondered, "agar meri yeh haalat hai, to team ki kya haalat hogi?", i.e. "If I am this tense, what would the team be going through?".

I've been playing cricket since my school days. Though now I sleep peacefully the night before my match, back in the school days I could hardly do it, constantly turning over in bed in anticipation of the morning and my big game.

I'm sure many of you have gone through the same.

Considering that, imagine the plight of Mohammad Aamer and Shahzaib Hasan. Even Ahmed Shehzad for that matter.

These boys are still in their teens and will be trying to win their country a world cup final - one opening the bowling, the other the batting.

I just hope the occasion does not get the better of them.

A decade ago, Pakistan played another final at Lord's. Once again with a very young team. Back then, nerves got the better of them.

I hope that is not the case this time.

Having said all that, I am very much looking forward to the match, despite being a nervous wreck at the moment!

The match should be a cracker; both the teams are closely matched and should give each other tough competition.

I'll be back at the same venue where I was for the semi final on Thursday with the same contingent of 30, and maybe more, cheering Pakistan on.

Here's hoping for a Pakistan win!

If you're as stressed out as I am, go ahead and read this awesome write from a Dawn blogger.

Certainly calmed my nerves.


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27 Pitched:

  1. Tifosi Guy said...


    I feel for you mate ! What you have going through your veins is nervous energy. It's a great feeling to have actually.

    When I was young and back home in India, I would hardly sleep before any cricket match, forget finals :-) I remember if matches were in Aus/NZ - I would keep checking the clock to see if it's time to wake up. Ah the pleasures of doing that.

    Chill mate, I'm sure Pakistan would do it today. I know easy to say for me - but something tells me Sri Lanka is due a failure and I wouldn't/couldn't be more happier if it was today.

  2. LiB said...


    i can so relate to your condition at the moment! i had to take valium lastnight to get some sleep and plan to take one more tablet in another hour or so to get me through the match..

  3. BiLo said...

    Some Interesting facts, why i believe Pak will win:
    1. In 1992 - Coach Intikhab Alam, In 2009 - Coach Intikhab Alam
    2. In 1992 - Team Captain was a Pathan, In 2009 - Team Captain is a Pathan
    3. In 1992 - Injured attack bowlwer Waqar was replaced by Aaqib, In 2009 - Injured attach bolwer Tanvir is replaced by Aamer
    4. In 1992 - we lost the first couple of our matches and beat the undefeated Kiwis in the Semis, In 2009 - we lost the first couple of our matches and beat the undefeated SA.
    5. In 1992 - I knew Pak was going to win, In 2009 - I KNOW Pak is going to win (Insha Allah)

  4. miriam said...

    That link is just brilliant.

  5. Q said...


    I know man. Have had this feeling many a time before.. but it still feels like a first!

    Hope ur right and I hope to come back tonight to some congratulatory messages.

  6. Q said...


    If u take another valium, u will sleep through the match?

  7. Q said...


    Interesting facts alright. Hope ur feeling is true abt this. Finger crossed.

  8. Q said...


    It is brilliant.. loved it.

    Best of luck to ur team. May the best one win!

  9. Tifosi Guy said...


    Wooo hoooooo. Absolutely hammered Sri Lanka and you guys deserve every bit of celebrations.

    Well done Pakistan and thank you for not allowing either Sri Lanka or South Africa from winning :-) Pure bliss in not seeing either of them win.

    Now why can't Pakistan always play like this :-) :-)

  10. Leela said...

    Congratulations Q!!!

  11. donthaveaclue said...

    congratulations Q! How spot on was my 'indepth analysis'?! ;)

  12. Homer said...

    congratulations Q... Emphatic win in the end. A clinical performance.

    The high intensity camp and the RBS T20 tourney certainly helped.

    And if this is Abdul Qadir's final selection, what a great job!


  13. A P Webster said...

    Congratulations to Pakistan - it couldn't happen to a more deserving set of fans.

  14. scorpicity said...

    Congratulations folks!! Cricket in Pakistan is back in the spotlight big time.

  15. Indophile said...

    Man congratulation I just realized how much this means to your people while watching the celebration from Pakistan on Indian new channel.

    Ahh these idiots are talking to Shoaib Akhtar man how bad he must be feeling to left out of this ?

  16. obaid said...

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Q is out partying and so is Sledge I think so I will speak for all of us at WellPitched.

    Congratulations to all the Pakistani fans and supporters, this is a huge win!

  17. Tifosi Guy said...


    Shouldn't you also be out celebrating :-)

  18. Rayden said...

    Congratulations Q and to all Pakistanis for winning the T20 World Cup. You guys deserved it.

  19. Q said...


    Thanks man! Celebrated hard! Wat a win!

    If Pakistan always played like this, they will not be Pakistan :-)

  20. Q said...

    Thank you Leela!

    Hope ur time off is treating u well.

  21. Q said...

    Thanks Don! Your analysis was completely spot on ;-)

  22. Q said...


    Thanks buddy.

    Clinical, efficient, emphatic, and all that.. i.e. very un-Pakistani.. who knows where they got that from.

    It wasn't Qadir's selection, it was Younis Khan's. Qadir resigned for the very reason that he didn't have his way.

  23. Q said...


    Thank you for those words!

  24. Q said...


    It is and I hope it remains that way.

  25. Q said...


    What did Shoaib say?

    I briefly saw the celebrations across Pakistan on GEO.. and participated in the Dubai ones, which were just as awesome!

    Thanks man :-)

  26. Q said...


    Exactly, u should also be celebrating :-)

  27. Q said...

    Thank you Rayden!

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