Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not Just Another Warm-Up Game

When its Pakistan taking on India, it can never be "just another game".

Warm-up or not, Pakistan and India will be taking this game seriously.

And so will we, the Pakistan and India fans, and bloggers.

Both have lost their opening warm-ups and want to head into the ICC World Twenty20 with some momentum.

The last time Pakistan and India clashed in a twenty20 game, it was the final of a world cup.

India trumped us back then by 5 runs.

The only other time they played a T20, it ended in a TIE.

So you can be sure of a nail biter tonight!

Here is a call for all of US, all of YOU, and all of THEM to come TOGETHER for the mother of all warm-up matches - Pakistan taking on India!

Not only playing to gain momentum but also to raise funds for a good cause.

The Pakistani and Indian bloggers will be coming TOGETHER for the game to cover it LIVE for everyone.

For more details on the kind of spirit we want for the match, check out what coming TOGETHER means for us.

If you want to come TOGETHER in a different spirit, then check out how we'll be preparing for the game.

The link to the LIVE COVERAGE can be found on the links I've provided above.

So come TOGETHER all, for this may be the only time Pakistan and India meet at the ICC World Twenty20, unless we set up a semi final or a final clash.

Tonight, 1615GMT, 2015 UAE, 2215 PST, 2145 IST.

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9 Pitched:

  1. Poshin_david said...

    Pak vs. Ind is never just a cricket match is it?

    it has a whole new meaning.......

  2. straight point said...

    whoever thinks match between indo-pak is just another match...needs to learn cricket again...

  3. Rayden said...

    Are both teams playing their full strength side or experimenting?

    Hope Sehwag is back today. He needs the match practise.

  4. Q said...

    Chris: it can never be just another game!

  5. Q said...

    SP: they sure do man..

  6. Q said...

    Rayden: lets watch and find out..

    Hope u can join in on us covering it LIVE.. follow the link..

  7. Abdullah said...

    The word to define this encounter by “friendly” is certainly an underestimated status. Pakistan and India contests are simply a war on the field. Players simply play so they can represent national pride and be a hailed a hero by making a mark in an anticipated neighbourhood fixture. Meanwhile, there’s always that fun and banter that occurs amongst both bordered supporters around the globe. The publicity and ground capacity is always fulfilled with abundance of excitement and passion. Therefore this “friendly” regarding doesn’t quite frankly exist.

  8. Abdullah said...

    Saqlain Mushtaq's club performances this year is the above link , although I believe his club stint has now concluded.

    He took 5 or more wickets in every game. Click on his name for futher detail.

  9. Q said...

    That is quite awesome Maza.. sad Saqlain did not have prolonged career for Pakistan..

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