Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka becomes Q vs Damith on BCC!

The mercurial Pakistan takes on the resurgent Sri Lanka tomorrow in the Group F clash of the World T20 Super 8s.

Will Afridi and Ajmal trump the Lankans?

Or will Murali and Mendis have the better of the Pakistanis?

In this battle, I believe the team that plays the opposition's spinners better will come out on top!

I'm backing Pakistan for obvious reasons; on the other hand, we have good friend and fellow blogger, Damith, who is backing Sri Lanka, also for obvious reasons!

Damith and I have clashed and we have clashed on Indian territory over at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians!

Go check it out.

Damith first posted "Questions for Q".

Then bored member, John from the Island Express, posted the "Terms of the Engagement".

Following that, I came out with my "Answers and some Questions too".

The Battle has begun and it will continue on BCC!

So make sure you follow it.

For the record, we have a Pakistani battling a Sri Lankan, in a battle that will be moderated by an Indian - what subcontinental love we have here!

The moderator - Homer of 2cents fame!

Make your pitch on this post...

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8 Pitched:

  1. SledgeHammer said...

    I wouldn't call Pakistan "mercurial". A win against Netherlands certainly does not make them piping hot! Especially after three straight thrashings (two warmups, and one group game).

    However, they have shown that they can play as a unit and that they understand the task at hand. Which is a pretty big deal.

  2. Stani Army said...

    Q, you're on to a winner big man. I don't wanna tempt fate but we played M&M well when they toured.

    We must play Mendis forward and sweep a lot. I'd be happy with 55 off M&Ms 8 overs. We on the other hand can bring in Malik and Alam in support of A&A.

    Need to get Sanath early though....Tanvir!

  3. khansahab said...


    Ijaz Ahmed has said today that Younis and Malik are not suited to T20 cricket.

    I thought Malik was a good T20 player but his batting has been selfish this Cup.

    I am glad someone had the guts to speak out the bloody obvious.

  4. Q said...


    mer⋅cu⋅ri⋅al  [mer-kyoor-ee-uhl] Show IPA
    1. changeable; volatile; fickle; flighty; erratic: a mercurial nature.


  5. Q said...


    Yep I think we can play well against Mendis.. Murali has never really bothered Pak as much as other nations.. and we have done well against Mendis compared to others..

    But as I said.. this match is in the had of the spinners.

  6. Q said...


    I agree about Younis.

    But Malik has always done well in T20 cricket. Even in the recent RBS 20-20 he was in top form. I don't think 2 innings can turn someone from being a good T20 player to someone who can't play T20.

    I don't think Malik has been selfish.. against Eng, none of the batsmen fired.

    Against Netherlands, he started well and then slowed down when Younis came to bat. I think those were the instructions to stay calm and set it up for Misbah and Afridi.

  7. khansahab said...


    Did you read Qadir's press conference?

    He said he would have expelled Malik from the team and dropped Malik and Younis for the T20 Cup.

    So this proves that there is more than meets the eye regarding Malik. No wonder he is known as "meesna".

  8. Q said...


    I just read Abdul Qadir's statement.. honestly this isn't anything new as the selectors have always been dummies in Pakistan. Thats not how it should be but the selectors have always weighed down in front of the captains and coaches.

    I had hoped that Qadir would change things, because he is an aggressive personality, but even he gave up.

    We've heard he tried those practice games ideas and different captains, which I believe were genuinely good ideas but the other people in the board and team management are backward thinking..

    What he says abt Malik is surprising though, because from what I know it is Malik who has joined Younis Khan's clique to form opposition for Afridi..

    Again, this is speculation...

    But its good that Qadir has come out in the open.

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