Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Pakistani Players were Hypnotized!

When Shoaib Malik recently mentioned that the psychologist, who PCB had hired for the team's camp before the World T20, had used hypnotism on the players, we all thought that Malik was being sarcastic.

Many also laughed at Malik thinking that he did not understand a psychologist's job.

Now that Maqbool Babri, the renowned psychologist, has come out in the open, we find that Malik was in fact right about the hypnotism.

The psychologist, popularly known as Max Babri, recently spoke to The News. You can read the full interview here; following are some of the more interesting excerpts.

"I threw a challenge: I'd not charge a single penny if we lose ... but I'd charge double the agreed amount if we win."

Doctors working on a success fee only basis. I like the concept!

"On the second day of our session, I started hypnotizing them. Players were nudged into a trance and urged to understand and envisage themselves as the very best."

So it is true. They were hypnotized!

And a trance? isn't that some kind of dance? How does this work anyway?

I wonder if the team played the entire World T20 in a trance.

"They had a variety of issues from anger management.. sleep problems.. their unmitigated ambitions.."

Isn't that true for all of us Pakistanis?

"A couple of days before the team's departure, we did a 'rock and roll' excercise to show... "

Trance, rock and roll, those must have been some really interesting psychology sessions.

"Afridi is a very special person; he is expressive, talented, handsome, charming, and smart."

How wonderful! Which aspect brings out the best in him as a cricketer?

"Hypnotism is just a therapy and it seeks to improve the confidence of the players. It is used every where in the world. It is not a drug."

And he explains the therapeutic hypnotism he used on the players.

I don't know if all this actually worked and played a part in Pakistan's victorious World T20 campaign, but it surely impressed some of the cricketers. Such as Shoaib Malik.

Now for Max Babri to get his double pay check from the PCB!

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  1. straight point said...

    some of our players surely need this therapy...

  2. scorpicity said...

    Sounds more like the rock star way of life in the hair metal days of the 80's :).

    Geez... Cricket sure is getting incredibly oh well what's the word. First massage therapies in the IPL, secret bonding sessions in the ashes to now this, where trance, rock and roll and Afridi being a handsome man are all rolled in.

    Just kidding, but am wondering whether they are code wording all this to fool the public!

  3. scorpicity said...

    SP, Am seeking an appointment... Joining in?

  4. Anonymous said...

    is that the reason ehy pak won?

  5. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Not that far flung, here's one that I heard about -


  6. Q said...


    I've been finding out abt this Max Babri person all day and I've heard some really interesting stories.. I found out that he also helps students during their orientation program at one of the top business schools in Pakistan.. I have some friends who have sat through his sessions...their stories were very intriguing..

    More on him here:


    and here:


    In the 2nd link read the comments.. the hypnotherapist has also commented...

  7. Q said...


    Surely the rock star life! And there seem to be no code words from what I have read up and heard abt him today.. see above links for more..

  8. Q said...


    I don't know.. I don't think so.. it maybe 1 of the reasons.. but surely not the only reason..

  9. Q said...


    I remember that write.. very interesting..

    I have to say, after what I have read and heard today, I am a believer!

  10. David Barry said...

    I am pretty sure I recall reading about hypnosis happening during Wasim Akram's career - I think his wife was a psychologist and encouraged it? I think it's in Bob Woolmer's book somewhere, I'll look it up when I get home if you want.

  11. Q said...


    Please do.

    Wasim Akram's wife is a psychologist and he has mentioned many times that he helped him through the match fixing trauma days and other times.. but I don't recall hypnotism being mentioned...

    Either way.. I've been talking to a few friends who had this Max Babri person speaking during their orientation program at a uni in Pakistan.. the experience the students described to me is quite similar to what Shoaib Malik and Afridi have described...

    This Max Babri person is quite big in Pakistan as it turns out...

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