Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Pakistan Cricket Fact #11

Hanif Mohammad, the original "Little Master", held the record for the highest score in first class cricket for 36 years before Brian Lara overtook it.

Hanif Mohammad scored 499 for Karachi against Bahawalpur in 1958; Brian Lara went past that record by scoring his unbeaten 501 for Warwickshire against Durham in 1994.

Lara's record still stands and probably will for decades to come.

Hanif Mohammad also holds the record for the highest score by a Pakistan batsman in test cricket - 337 vs West Indies also scored in 1958.

Coincidentally, Lara also scored his 375 and 501* in the same calendar year.

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  1. Stani Army said...

    People question innings such as these but I admire the level of concentration they require.

    For Lara to get big scores so many times is quite amazing. I think he is unique in that respect in comparison to others including Tendulkar. I think I read a stat somewhere that Sachin is still to get a double hundred. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. Q said...


    I agree.. even a 100 against a minnow is a 100 in my books just cos of the skill and concentration required...

    Sachin has got double hundreds, but he's never got a triple... not even in first class cricket.. his highest score is 248* ...

    He got his first 200 after 10 years of test cricket...

  3. Krish said...

    Hanif Mohammad also has the longest triple century in terms of time spent, right?

  4. Q said...

    That's right Krish.. that 337 that I mention is the longest ever test innings in terms of time spent at the crease - 970 minutes.. thats just over 16 hrs!

    Here's the list of longest innings in tests:

  5. Stani Army said...


    When people look at batsmen, they look at their test centuries; how do test centuries come? by skill and concentration. Skill, most batsmen have, the concentration part is what sets them apart.

    It must have been a triple that I read about then.

    Mohammad Yousif has a decent big-score record also.

    Yeh, I think I read that somewhere too Krish.

    Anyone seen Dwayne's brother Darren Bravo? Lefty opener, he's being compared to Brian already!

  6. Q said...


    Yeah Yousuf has many 200s.. as does Younis.. Dravid, Mahela, Sanga also have a great record of converting 100s to 200s.. so does Sehwag actually..

    I saw a bit of Darren Bravo in the 1st ODI against India.. he batted at 6.. and he's fielding as we speak in the 2nd ODI..

    A bit too early to be compared to Lara isn't it?

  7. Stani Army said...

    Yes, Sewag has made some big ones too. He's also unique in the sense that none of the big scorers are of his attacking ilk. He's certainly different from the rest of the big boys.

  8. Q said...

    The best part abt Sehwag's knocks Stani, is that he gets them at an amazing strike rate..

    He's the only one besides Bradman and Lara who has 2 triple centuries in test matches.. that is some achievement.

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