Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Pakistan Cricket Fact #5

Here's one in celebration of Razzaq's return to international cricket!

Abdul Razzaq has batted in every single position, from opener to number 11, for Pakistan in One-Day Internationals.

I don't know many others who can boast of such a feat.

Shoaib Malik comes close but he has never walked out to bat as a number 11; Razzaq has done that too!

For the record, in test matches, Razzaq has batted in all positions except 4, 10, and 11.

Where else will you find such a versatile player?

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  1. Poshin_david said...

    Wow....i nevr knew that......

  2. Stani Army said...

    Don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing Q! Hehehe

  3. Q said...


    I'm glad I'm providing facts not known by many :-)

  4. Q said...


    Haha.. true.. bad or good it highlights the versatility of the player.. or maybe the improvement in his batting over time.. he played his first few ODIs at 9,10, and 11.. then moved up to 7.. then he was tried at 3 at the 1999 WC.. and since then he's opened, come in the middle order and everywhere.

  5. achettup said...

    I would like to correct you Q, Razzaq has... Damn, FAIL. I'll get you one of these days Q... one of these days I shall correct you back and then I will be uncorrectable. That isn't even a word. Damn. Saying damn too many times. Must be the pressure. PLEASE DON'T LOSE TO ENGLAND.

  6. Q said...

    Haha Ach, I'll wait for that day ;-) ..

    Though I make mistakes too.. like during the IPL when I confused a few of the semi final scenarios.

    Don't stress too much abt tonight though..

  7. Stani Army said...

    Q, it shows that either he's improved or the people that first saw him bat and decided to put him 11 were blind as bats!

  8. Q said...


    I think its the former.. he made his debut as a 16 yr old (supposedly) and hardly knew how to bat.. and he was extremely fast then!

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