Thursday, June 11, 2009

Razzaq is back!

Huge boost for Pakistan! Can't wait to see him back in the team. Though I will miss him as part of the Badshahs (not that the team and ICL may last much longer).

According to PCB CEO Butt, they wanted Razzaq because he "is an allrounder and we've requested he replace Arafat, who is also an allrounder." [LINK]

Really? Arafat is an all-rounder? He can hardly qualify as a bowler!

Regardless, it's good to have Razzaq back. Time for some Razzle Dazzle in the 2009 T20 WC!

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16 Pitched:

  1. Q said...

    This is awesome news!!!

    Now if only he can get a UK visa in record time from Pakistan and get there quick.. Pak play on Friday and Saturday.. not sure how fast he can get there to play role.

    First ICL player to return to Int'l cricket. Trust that to be a Pakistani!

    What a full circle for him and for Pak cricket too...

    From all the bad news since the Oval 2006, this is probably the first good news regarding Pakistan cricket in general.

  2. Obaid said...

    What about Imran Nazir? Why dont we bring him back as well?

  3. Q said...


    Imran Nazir can only come back if another player gets injured.

    U want to give Salman Butt a black eye? :-)

  4. Unknown said...

    It will be great seeing razzaq representing pakistan again. I just hope he can get there before pak sri match!

  5. Q said...

    Fawad, for that to happen they need to apply for his visa today and also get it today so tjhat he can fly out and reach London max by late night tonight.

    Pak plays SL in 36 hrs!

  6. Wasim said...

    Can some body put some lexatives (Jamal Gota) in Salman Butt's food so that we can get Imran Nazir.

  7. adverbin said...

    This is certainly good news.
    On a different note, what does "on a case to case basis" mean? Why not have a clear cut policy for ALL Ex-ICL players across the board?
    The BCCI's Policy of 12 months cool off period is harsh and IMO unwarranted. But it is clearly applicable to all players across the board with no discrimination. Shouldn't the PCB come out with an clear cut policy for all players?

  8. Stani Army said...

    This changes everything! I will not get too happy until I see him take the pitch though.

    Adverbin; PCB don't do clear cut, they're highly unprofressional.

  9. Q said...


    Obaid was planning to get some soap into Salman Butt's washroom so that he can slip over and slip some discs.

  10. Q said...


    It fails me too.. if BCCI has allowed all ICL players amnesty, then I believe all the boards should have a consistent policy of allowing them to come back into international cricket.

    After all, they all were consistent in placing the bans.

    So why not when lifting them?

    They function in strange ways.

    As for the case by case basis, I have no idea what the PCB is smoking there.

  11. Q said...


    Lets hope he gets a visa soon!

  12. adverbin said...

    Q/Stani Army,
    I understand that only Razzaq and Md.Yousef have been accepted without a cooling off period. WTF? What about Imran Nazir and the others? What is the logic? Should they bribe/wear sack cloth and beg forgiveness from PCB....???

  13. Unknown said...

    Iam waiting for that 6th wicket parternship b/w razzaq and afridi that used to stamp our victories few years ago.....

  14. Q said...


    That's correct. So far only Razzaq and Moyo..

    I have no idea what the others need to do and what this "case by case" basis means.. its BS if u ask me.

  15. Q said...

    Biggest fan of Great Khan,

    Welcome to Well Pitched.

    Love ur Username! But u have competition there buddy.. many in Pakistan will claim to that :-)

    Razzaq and Afridi did make one awesome pair in the death overs.. but I would like to see Razzaq play in the top order in T20 the way he did for the Hyderabad Heroes and Lahore Lions.

  16. Aerek sir said...

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