Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shahid Afridi to Play in Australia

That could happen if an approach by New South Wales is materialized.

Afridi has been approached by NSW to play for their T20 team, and possibly their Sheffield Shield team as well, next season.

After Younis Khan (South Australia), Umar Gul (Western Australia), and Sohail Tanvir (South Australia), Afridi will become the 4th Pakistani player in 2 years to represent an Australian domestic side if the deal goes through.

That is good news for the allrounder, who is probably still on a high after leading Pakistan to the World T20 title.

What's next?

A higher valued IPL contract?


The Deccan Chargers would be kicking their behinds for canceling his contract earlier this year. If he was still on their roster, he could have represented them at the Champions League.

Irrespective, the Chargers won, Afridi won, Pakistan won, so alls well that ends well!

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  1. Abdullah said...

    New thread over at mine Q

  2. Captain^ said...

    Did you read the article on what the owners of the IPL franchises had to say after Pakistan's win ? I was amused at how quickly people change :-)

    True.. what money makes people do

  3. Q said...

    I'll pay a visit soon maza..

  4. Q said...


    Yeah I read that.. all of them want the Pakistanis back in the team.. haha! Hilarious..

    Its good.. they will get higher pays now cos their old contracts don't stand..

  5. Unknown said...

    The guy plays a handful of matches in a year and asks for 15 days off for rest. Even during his innings in the final, he was gasping for air. He then takes his name out of the reckoning for one of the handful of Test Series his team will play in the foreseeable future. God knows how much time off he will ask for after he comes back from playing in the Aussie league.

    Lets start a poll to guess how old he is. Last year, while interviewing Shoaib Akhtar, the famous Pakistani comedian, Mani, told us that Afridi told him, that he (Afridi) was older than him (Mani). Mani's age was 31 at the time, so last year, Afridi was older than 31.

    My guess is that he is either 33, or is touching 33, which probably is the reason behind his fatigue. Either way, I don't think he has too many years left in him.

  6. Unknown said...


    They didn't even try to make it subtle. The day after we win the cup, everybody starts talking about how good our players are and how much they would have liked to have them in their rosters.

    Looking on the bright side though, as Q mentioned, our players will command higher pays now. It was funny how Ishant was worth ten times more than Gul at the first draft, I wonder how much their valuations have changed by now.

  7. Q said...


    The last ball of the final hit Afridi on the ankle.. he injured it then.. he even got treatment for it in London before he landed in Khi this morning. Hence he's asked for rest.

    Irrespective, I doubt PCB would have selected him for tests.

    Afridi has hardly missed any ODIs due to injury.. actually I think he's the fittest person in the squad.

    Yes he was gasping for breath in the final, and yes I know he's much older than 29.. but I know why he was gasping for breath.. he has never played an innings where he has taken so many singles and doubles!

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