Saturday, June 20, 2009

A thought about the World Twenty20 Final

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka.

From the Nightmares of Lahore to the Dreams of London.

It will be a cracking final no doubt.

I will have a detailed preview up tomorrow; right now I want to share a thought that I shared with a friend before we sat down to watch the West Indies vs Sri Lanka semi final.

I told him that I would like to see Pakistan play Sri Lanka in the final; my reasoning was that if Pakistan manage to win the World Twenty20 then they would do so after beating the two best teams of the competition.

And that would put a lid on those going around saying that Pakistan did not deserve to be in the semis or don't deserve to win the cup because of the easy route they had.

Well we had the tougher semi final, and we made it. Come Sunday, we may go a step further than 2007!

Will you still say Pakistan did it because of an easy route to the semi finals?

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. Anonymous said...

    As you might suspect you can find almost anything on the internet. Even a blog of Pakistani fans of Sri Lankan cricket. Are you wondering what they are saying about the upcoming final. Well, wonder no more, Click here

  2. Anonymous said...

    They have made it through fires and dark shadows. Although they have had a bad start in the warm up match and couple of bad days on the field, but they truely deserve in the finalist spot.

    I pray to ALLAH that pakistan wins the final aganist Sri Lanka. If our captain doesn't make any immature decision like what he did against south africa (15th over). He has no room for error this time.


  3. Mani said...

    It is funny that while watching yesterdays match I was only hoping that WI should win and meet PAK in the final. However, after reading your post I completely agree with your stance Q. This should silence a lot of critics of PAKs route to the final.

    But I still feel having beat SA, by far the strongest side of the tournament, and that too pretty convincingly, has proved PAKs worth. Even SA openly admitted that they were beaten by a better team... be it "on their day" or not, this is T20 cricket, take it or leave it mate.

  4. Q said...

    Anonymous 1,

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Q said...

    Anonymous 2,

    Pakistan Zindabad. Inshallah the cup will come home :-)

  6. Q said...


    That's right man.. Pakistan have improved with every game in this tournament and they truly displayed their worth in all the games.. as they say, peaking at the right time!

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