Saturday, June 13, 2009

West Indies Resurgent, Pakistan in Trouble

The two Super 8 Groups have slightly different situations, which make today's matches in the World Twenty20 highly important for the teams involved.

Group E: West Indies vs South Africa

Such is the situation in this Super 8 Group, that despite winning the game, neither team will garantee a spot in the semi finals.

But either of them can get one step closer to it.

The West Indies have been amazingly resurgent. Beating Australia, beating India, and if they do the same to South Africa, you can count on them to go all the way.

South Africa, on the other hand, had an easy win against Scotland, struggled with the bat against New Zealand, and failed to do their net run rate any favors in the chase against England.

Looking at that, the Windies have a very good chance of yet another upset.

Group F: Pakistan vs New Zealand

It could be the end of Pakistan's World T20 campaign if they lose; if they manage to win, they will live to fight another day and try to qualify for the semi finals.

Suprisingly enough, or rather not so, Pakistan find themselves in a do-or-die situation for the second time in this tournament.

Last time they came through it unscathed; this time the opposition is tougher, despite the injuries New Zealand is suffering from.

Their situation though is not as tough as Pakistan's; the Kiwis can still afford to lose the game and attempt at qualifying by beating Sri Lanka and bringing net run rates into play.

Ofcourse assuming that Ireland don't have any surprises in store for Sri Lanka and Pakistan!

Good news for Pakistani fans is that Pakistan usually does well when they have their backs to the wall.

But will you be counting on it?

One team could be out of the World T20 tonight, another could be on its way to the semi finals. The T20 action never stops, does it?

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  1. Fark said...


    Things sure are heating up. As I type this, SA has gotten themselves into a decent position at the end of 15 overs, possibly setting a target of 190 or thereabouts if AB, ALbie , ROLF , slog well. If Gayle gets going, this could be a wonderful chase.

    I think and hope that the NZ - Pak game will be a great one! Typically there are lots of fireworks when these 2 teams meet. I get a feeling that one Mr. Afridi might be called on to contribute with the bat in a big way....

  2. Q said...


    It will be a good chase if Gayle gets going.. Its a big total though. Odds should be on SA.

    As for Afridi, u should never count for him to do anything with the bat. He's lost his power hitting capability.. he can grind it out like he did against Aus in dubai, but he can't hit his way out like he used to. I think he's batting a couple of spots higher than he should be.

  3. 12th Man said...

    On an individual basis, I don't see much of a difference between this Pak team and he one that defeated NZ last year in the semis (Imran Nazir is the sole exception).

    But Pakistan's form in this tournament pushes me to claim NZ as the favourites.

    I think Pakistani openers have to make the powerplay count today and not leave it to the middle order batsmen.

  4. Rayden said...

    I wouldnt say Pak is in trouble. If anything, NZ is in trouble due to all the injuries. They barely have 11 fit players. Also losing Vettori is a big blow to them. Overall should be a really good match.

  5. Q said...

    12th Man,

    Imran Nazir as u mentioned and Mohammad Asif - he also made a difference.

    But ur right, largely the team is the same.

    And as u said, they made the power play count!

  6. Q said...


    It was a really good match - for Pakistan!! :-)

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