Monday, June 1, 2009

Who is Imran Tahir?

I'd never heard of him before. Probably would never have heard of him.

Except that I clicked on Cricinfo's "New site walk-through" link at the top of their main page.

In the top-right corner of their screenshot for the new page, there's a box for "Hot Searches".

And who's the hottest searched item? Why, none other than Imran Tahir of course! Beating out that mere mortal Sachin! ;)

Whether Imran Tahir was just a test search for an obscure player, or the next phenom, or a part of Cricinfo staff, I don't know. But if you want to find out all about him, click here.

For the lazy ones who won't click the link, here's his career summary (and pic, couldn't resist!):
Imran Tahir is the epitome of a journeyman cricketer. In fact, he has barely stopped moving. Since starting his first-class career in 1996-97 he has racked up at least 10 teams ranging from Lahore to Yorkshire via the Titans in South Africa. That he has never remained anywhere for very long suggests a cricketer who has failed to live up to his potential, but his first-class record is impressive with a fine average and imposing strike-rate. His one-day figures stand up to scrutiny as well. He has had stints with three English counties; Middlesex, Yorkshire and Hampshire, who he signed for in 2008.

Interesting career? Sure. A hot search? You decide!

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. Q said...

    Imran Tahir will end up being the best leg spinner that didn't play for Pakistan. He would have been playing for Pakistan if he stuck around in domestic cricket long enough, but he moved to England as soon as he started playing cricket.. he's played county cricket with a lot of success over the last decade or so..

    Then he married a South African and moved to South Africa 3 years ago. In April he became eligible to play for South Africa and also played in the tour game against the Aussies.

    He will be playing for South Africa before the end of the year.

    Mickey Arthur has talked of him as being the answer to South Africa's lack of leg spinners.

  2. SledgeHammer said...

    Damn Q! And here I was thinking he was some obscure individual.

    Little did I know that Qadir's successor never got to play (so far, but at 30 it's going to be difficult to make a mark).

    But hottest search? Hmmm...not sure about that!

  3. Q said...

    He was only 16 in 1996 when he played for Lahore first and then soon moved to England...

    He played in the 1st domestic 20-20 that took place in Pak in 2004-05.. he captained Lahore in that tournament..

    Hottest search am not sure though.. but he's been talked abt a lot in England, South Africa, and even Australia..

    Jrod's written a lot abt him..

    Here's what Mickey Arthur said abt him:

  4. khansahab said...


    Wait for "Maza786" to tell you about Imran Tahir :)

  5. Q said...

    Maza loves him Khansahab.. He has told me abt him a number of times :-)

  6. jrod said...

    Sh, catch up, I was talking the boy up last year. He is even in my book.

  7. SledgeHammer said...

    @jrod: Had never heard of him, but it seems like he has a fan base in the blogosphere.

    Still am curious how he was the hottest search on Cricinfo. Surely a great honor, especially for a non-Test/ODI player.

  8. Indophile said...

    bloody Morkel !! in CSK jersey I think he just forget how to swing the bat. Is Khurram Manzoor still in the squad ? Akmal dude never look like doing anything but bang few pulls man he start looking fine just like Ijaz Ahmad .

  9. khansahab said...


    What did you think about the unprofessional and pathetic Pakistan performance?

    They need any excuse not to play Fawad Alam.

  10. Q said...

    Khansahab, Indophile - I'm going to reply to you guys in the new thread.. c u there :-)

  11. Abdullah said...

    When looking to define a quality spinner we need to consider two aspects......................

    1) They need to be skilful in the sense that there has to be the threat of some mystery and uncertainty attached to their bowling.

    2) They have to be able to make an impact and the ability to dominate and turn the tables ie spinning a side to victory in the last innings of a test match or picking up some astonishing figures like 6-45 in which us bloggers have something to write home about.

    Saqlain , Muhsy and Warne were ideal examples of a quality product in which they had the skills and self determination to change the outcome of a game.

    Danish Kaneria may have had 200 + wickets next to his name but what really matters inside is how many times had Kaneria been able to dominate proceedings and turn a match on it’s head because many of the wickets Kaneria captures arrive in meaningless circumstances ie 4-175 . He seems to be more of a container than a wicket taker as his poor average and strike rate has shown. No wonder people are losing patience and trust in him. He ticks the first category of being skilful for certain but hasn’t got the mental ego to dominate in the same manner as Shane Warne and be able to change the outcome of a match.

    Alternatively Imran Tahir is an excellent prospect. He is not only more mysterious in terms of having a better leg break , vicious googly and some of his own inventions but has the ability to turn the tables and dominate proceedings like a true “matchwinner” . In fact the amount of first class records were Tahir has been able to turn the tables and claim astonishing figures is uncountable. This highlights the vivid impact spinners can bring to a team and clarifies the difference between a quality and average spinner.

    Generally speaking Tahir is a true pleasure to watch in the county arena. There are shades of Abdul Qadir in his cunning approach to the wicket and the way he can bamboozle batsmen with his magic is an admirable art. However, he seems to be unable to play for Pakistan due to him spending majority of his time in Southafrica and England which is a real pity as in my opinion he was the best spinner Pakistan has had in the locker since Mushtaq Ahmed . But he has set his desires on playing for Southafrica and all the best for him.

    Usman Qadir has been tipped for the next Warne in international cricket but 5 years or so will have to be awaited for his arrival. But one thing has to be established for certain and that is Pakistan must utilise at least 1 specialist in every format because specialists are the ones who are claimed to be “matchwinners” not bits and bobs like Malik and Afridi etc

  12. Abdullah said...

    Follow the URL about this stunning statistic. U can also click on his profile and view his best performances. He was the club's overseas player in 2008.

    Talking of the "hot search" it must have been me at least 50 times. LOL !

  13. Q said...

    Sledge: There is your Imran Tahir story!

    Maza is probably Tahir's biggest fan on the blogosphere.. while Jrod his biggest supporter..

    Whoever has seen him has talked abt how Pakistan have lost such a great talent..

    Kaneria is nothing compared to him and I agree with your analysis Maza..

    The little I have seen of him, Ive been very impressed.

    He can bat too.

    Hoping to c him play for SA soon.

  14. jrod said...

    SH, I have no idea why he was in the hot searches section, but he is hot.

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