Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why the Minnows may Surprise a few at the ICC World Twenty20

All of them have Super 8 aspirations.

In a way it makes sense that they are not thinking big, and just looking to make it to the next round; but in all seriousness only 1 of them have the chance to get there - either Bangladesh or Ireland.

But they may give you more surprises than you think; I have the reasons why.
  1. Its twenty20, its anybody's game!

  2. Bangladesh upset a few in the 2007 20-20 world cup; no reason why they can't do the same here.

  3. Ireland have a 100% record in T20 internationals.

  4. Netherlands have Dirk Nannes! You never know what he can do, especially when the men facing are English and Pakistani.

  5. Scotland have Gavin Hamilton. I'm not sure if that counts for anything, but can't leave the out when I'm talking up the rest.

  6. The Deshis have shown some damn good fight in the warm ups. Watch out India, watch out Ireland!

  7. Any team with a Shakib in them cannot be taken lightly!

  8. Nor can any with an Ashraful, a Tamim Iqbal, and a Mushfiq Ur Rahim.

There will be some major upsets witnessed if any of them besides Bangladesh make it to the Super 8s; and even moreso if any of them get past the Super 8s.

But its 20-20, and one never knows what comes your way - beware of the minnows!

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  1. khansahab said...

    How sad. I just visited a forum and people where discussing that Fawad Alam is being advised by people to join ICL.

    If he joins ICL or any other league what a loss it will be for Pakistan! Is politics so important that the best and brightest will be sidelined to the country’s detriment?

  2. Q said...

    If that happens, that is quite sad khansahab..

    I wonder why he still didn't get a game.. 14 out of the 15 squad members got to play the 2 warm ups.. why are the keeping him out?

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