Friday, June 19, 2009

The World Reacts to Shahid Afridi

Ceci Masters, of Ceci & Mel fame, continues her great work with photoshop to give us this gem!

I know one particular blogger who would love this.

Hence, appropriately I will start with her reaction.

Amy: I mean, what do I even say? Afridi is just f*cking awesome, when he gets going.

Jrod: Can’t you just see him clad in leather from head to toe, whipping a ball gagged South African in a gimp mask that he’s already strung up before him.

Dileep Premachandran: Afridi, whose uselessness with the bat in recent times has been in stark contrast to his brilliance with the ball. But sent in at No.3 and given license to express himself, he caught South Africa cold.

King Cricket: The man is a warped genius blessed with some kind of invisible forcefield that protects him from reason and common sense.

AP Webster: Whatever happens on Sunday, Afridi has confirmed what we already knew – after all these years, he’s still full of surprises.

Kamran Abbassi: Nobody swings more sharply between frustration and magic than Afridi. He epitomises Pakistan cricket. Today Shahid Afridi was magic. Pakistan fans will hope the spell can last another three days.

Bhaskar Khaund: Boom Boom finally filled that long overdue room.

George Binoy: He'll disappoint more often than not, but his successes are so spectacular that it's worth the heartbreaks.

SouLBW: Every few years or so, on a sunny afternoon somewhere around the world, Shahid Afridi shows up. Don’t count on him batting like Rambo fighting the gooks again, but over in the bowling aisles, Afridi is now a consistent champion.

Rob: Afridi played a classic innings and followed it up with a spell of leg-spin bowling that had the South Africans turning their ovens to gas mark nine

Dileep Premachandran: What can you do when Shahid Afridi suddenly remembers how to bat, when he abruptly flails Johan Botha thrice over cover in the same over? What can you do when he produces a magic delivery to Herschelle Gibbs?

David Hopps: But he is a perpetual menace, occasionally contained but never controlled. From the depths of his memory, he summoned what his former coach Geoff Lawson concluded was his "best innings for two years".

Andrew McGlashan: Everything Afridi touched turned to gold.

Tooting Trumpet: He is a delight for lovers of the game and fearful prospect for his opponents. We must enjoy him while we can, as the next implosion is never far away.

Stani: As for the bowling, we gave a few runs early on once again but then came the man of the moment, Shahid Khan Afridi.

Wasim: Afridi was the hero of the day.

Arjun Sen: It was one of those days for Shahid Afridi. A day where everything he tried, worked. He first regained his touch with the bat and then, continued his fine run with ball.

Len: Afridi – imperious.

Krishna: If it hadn’t been for Afridi’s half-century, Pakistan would have struggled to reach a fighting score.

Patrick Kidd: His economy rate of 5.4 over six matches is astounding, the best of anyone to bowl eight or more overs.

Poshin: He finally didn't self destruct. And what a golden arm he has!! Boom Boom Afridi.

With all this, I leave you at the end with one of the best moments of the game - Shahid Afridi's flying kiss to Jacques Kallis.

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12 Pitched:

  1. Stani Army said...

    "I just kiss him"!!! hahaha

    Brilliant. Kallis must be dying inside. I hope he watches that.

    One more game Afridi....just one more!!!

  2. A P Webster said...

    It seems Shahid Afridi is also still capable of capturing everyone else's imagination in a way that few other players can.

    Good luck to Pakistan in the final!

  3. The Tooting Trumpet said...

    Thanks for including me in the list.

    Afridi's an extraordinary character - I'm not gay, but if I were, his poster would be on my bedroom wall!

  4. Krish said...

    Thanks for adding me, Q. Shahid Afridi has a chance to cement his legend forever by striking it big in the final.

  5. Q said...


    That press conference statement was even better than the kiss itself!

  6. Q said...


    Thats true. And thanx!

  7. Q said...


    No worries man. And welcome to Well Pitched.

    A lot of straight teen males may have his poster in their bedroom already!

  8. Q said...

    Cheers Krish.

    Afridi may have carved his legendary status already..

  9. Amy said...

    Oh my god this is fucking brilliant, hahahaha. You were so right about my reaction, I am in love with this more than words can say. Die AB being put in his place, GS looking perfectly porky, and Afridi ruling all. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  10. Unknown said...

    Hero for Pakistan.

  11. Q said...


    Haha.. the moment I saw this I though of u and sensed that you would love it!

  12. Q said...


    Welcome to Well Pitched.

    Glad you like it.

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