Monday, June 15, 2009

The World Twenty20 Semi Finals Scenarios

With four matches left in the Super 8s, three of them will play a significant part in determining the 4 semi finalists of the World T20.

World T20 Super 8s: Group E

South Africa have become the first team to qualify for the World T20 semi finals, something they had failed to do in 2007.

Hence their match against India is insignificant, besides deciding whether South Africa qualify as E1 or E2.

The other match of this group is tomorrow, England vs West Indies; the winner of that game goes through to the semi finals.

World T20 Super 8s: Group F

This group is precariously placed with both the games left, Pakistan vs Ireland and Sri Lanka vs New Zealand, of high significance.

Because of Sri Lanka's narrow win against Ireland, their net run rate has fallen below that of Pakistan's and New Zealand's.

New Zealand +0.95
Pakistan +0.74
Sri Lanka +0.70

What that means is that Sri Lanka is in the exact same position that South Africa was in 2007.

They have won all their games so far, looked like the best team on show, yet they could find themselves out of the tournament because of one bad game.

Pakistan now only have to beat Ireland to ensure a spot in the semi finals.

A win will keep Pakistan's net run rate above Sri Lanka's, which essentially means that the winner of the Sri Lanka vs New Zealand game will go through along with Pakistan.

How this world T20 has surprised one and all.

With 1 semi final spot confirmed and the other 3 spots being fought for by 5 teams, the action continues.

Will there be more twists?

Make your pitch on this post...

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19 Pitched:

  1. Tifosi Guy said...


    I'm boggled by your enthusiasm to post :-)

    Yeah - I see that if NZ beat SL , it's bye bye SL. I don't think that would happen though.

    NZ were pretty clueless against Ajmal and Afridi.

    After the double A's, the double M's would send them packing.

    I hope and pray West Indies win tomorrow evening. I can't stand to see teams like Eng/S Af and SL still in the tournament, while Aus and Ind are out !

    I'm on purpose not saying anything on Pak's chance. Might just jinx them as well then :-)

  2. Q said...


    Cricket Blips would tell u that I write on average 29 posts per week :-)

    And I can tell u this much that I would still be doing it if Pakistan were out of it :-)

    Yeah I don't fancy NZ chances against SL but it does raise question marks regarding the format considering that best team can still be out of it while lesser teams still in it.

  3. Leg Break said...

    Thanks for that Q,

    And thanks, also, for bringing up South Africa’s exit in 2007. I still get a smile out of thinking back on that.

  4. sarahcanterbury said...


    "I can't stand to see teams like Eng/S Af and SL still in the tournament, while Aus and Ind are out !"

    Why? Do Australia and India have a divine right to be in the semi finals? Australia lost both matches they played while India have lost two out of two in the Super 8s, having got into the semis by beating two teams regarded as minnows. Sri Lanka and SA have won every match so far. They deserve still to be in the competition and if England win tomorrow, then so will they.

  5. sarahcanterbury said...

    Oops! I meant India got into the Super 8s, not the semis!

  6. Q said...


    We all get some sort of pleasure watching the Saffers choke!

  7. The Old Batsman said...

    'Will there be more twists?'

    Yeah, it's supposed to rain today!

  8. scorpicity said...

    The good thing about SL is that J'wardne is in form and that basically take cares a huge part of their batting. While Dilshan has been good, their fortunes will now lie on J'wardne coming good through the tournament.

    As for the saffers, they are robots and like all tournaments, despite their brilliance and consistency, they always choke. Hoping that this time, there will be a sea change.

    Then there is Pakistan and WI, who both need a win to boost the morale of their fans.

    My only grouse is England. I can't get over it.

  9. Captain^ said...

    'Will there be more twists?'

    The Old Batsmen'

    One Scenario though !

    Ireland beat pakistan
    SL beat NZ

    Ire, Pak, NZ will all be on 2 points each and it will come down to the run rate. That's the craziest thing that could happen (in this group atleast), not that i want it to happen. I still hope Pakistan can score against Ireland's bowling attack.

  10. Q said...


    If it rains today then WI will go through from Group E as they have a better NRR than England.

    From Group F, Pakistan will be on 3 points and will have to count on NZ beating SL, otherwise NZ and SL will go through.

    That's a twist!

  11. Q said...


    Mahela just came to form in the Ireland game. He has been far below his best in the other matches. I wouldn't count on him though Dilshan and Jayasuriya are dangerous. And I have a concern abt Lanka's middle and late order.. looks too thin.

  12. Q said...


    I hope so too. No more twists please :-)

  13. SledgeHammer said...

    @Q: A good win for Pak. One question though. Reading through the Cricinfo previews, they talk about Pakistan being almost certain to go through if they win against Ireland, barring any "outlandish" scenarios.

    What outlandish scenarios are/were there for Pakistan NOT to get through to the semis after a win against Ireland.

    Maybe D/L or something like that? Any thoughts?

  14. Q said...


    Those "outlandish" scenarios were a close win against Ireland, which would have decreased their net run rate slightly below Sri Lanka's, e.g. a win by 1 run or chasing a target with 2-3 deliveries to spare..

    A quick calculation - Had Pakistan won by 3 runs or less, their net run rate would have fallen below Sri Lanka's.

  15. Tifosi Guy said...


    For me there is absolutely NO LOGIC when it comes to seeing teams like

    SL ( with a chucker in the team),

    England ( no sorry they are just hopeless and the ex English cricketers make it worse)

    or South Africa ( just don't like the whole team) doing well in any tournament.

    Since my days of watching cricket - my best WC memories are

    WC99 - England and Sri Lanka were hopeless, while South Africa had the MOTHER of all chokes against Australia ( not once but twice :-))

    WC03 - England - well no point in talking of them, SL - got thumped by Aus in the semis, and it was an Ind-Aus final.

    Oh and South Africa couldn't read well :-)

    WC07 - Gilchrist in the final preventing what would have been a travesty if SL had won.

    If you read it - it's pretty clear where I am going with this.

    I don't LIKE SL/S Af/England. Period

  16. Anonymous said...

    u guys don't understand that cricket is like gambling and u can mix ur feelung in ur dealung over here. pakistan will win this tournament m tellung u

  17. Anonymous said...

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  18. Q said...

    Anonymous #1,

    Your "i" and "u" on the keyboard seem to be interchanged :-)

  19. Q said...

    Anonymous #2,

    Interesting thoughts those for sure.

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