Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yuvraj Singh's 131

So how many of you actually saw the innings?

I haven't seen much reaction on this from the bloggers yet, besides Sam.

Actually I haven't seen much reaction to the ODI either, which produced over 600 runs.

The BCC! guys had a few previews up for the series, which Megha has labelled as the Fake ODI series; but still not much about the actual match that was played today.

So my question again; how many of you actually watched the match?

I watched the toss; I watched Gambhir and Rohit Sharma lose their wickets; after a short break I caught a bit when Karthik and Yuvraj were both on 57; I also saw Karthik get out to a Misbah / Dilshan scoop shot.

Then after another break, I witnessed Yuvraj race away from 80 odd to 120 with some outstanding hits to and over the boundary.

Then I left to watch an atrocious new Bollywood movie.

I came back home to see Ramdin get out and the Windies lose the match by 20 runs.

The fact that I fit in a 3-hour long movie in between the cricket match, just shows how long it was.

Did you also feel that?

Was it too long?

Do people still care about ODIs?

Was this series really needed?

Did the "fatigued" Indian players really have to fly across the globe to play 4 ODIs?

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Yuvraj Singh by The Six Sixer

  2. Krish said...

    I didn't "watch" the match as I was at work. But I was "fatigued" to have the match last so long on Cricinfo.

    The scores were also very upsetting as I expected them to be in line with Twenty20 scores. Wrote a post about it after being frustrated.

  3. Prabu said...


    I watched the game between 10 PM and 2 AM on cricinfo - the Indian innings that is! There is at least one person who has interest I suppose...

  4. pRAFs said...

    well, i did go through the pain of watching all of the 100 bowlers.
    but it was more because of me being a bit of an insomniac and nothing else of interest being aired on television.

  5. Anonymous said...

    well rightly said "Q"... the fatigued Indian players are now gaining their stamina in cricket after winning a match... theyll again feel fatigue if they loss the next three matches ......

  6. straight point said...

    we all know what he can do when on song...but the best thing about the innings for me was that he was willing to bid his time when he was struggling...

  7. The Old Batsman said...

    Q, you're right, it was by 50 over standards an entertaining game, but it felt like it was going on forever. Six and a bit an over just doesn't feel the same as it used to. Yuvraj was seriously good, but what's new there?!

  8. Anonymous said...

    Yuvraj played a perfect ODi innings yesterday. switched to the ODI mode without any fuss. and he was awesome when in batting power play....

    The Indians barring RS fairly quickly switched to 50F Mode...

    And ODIs aint so boring as made out to be. may be bcos we have had overdose of T20s...

  9. Megha said...

    I followed India's innings on Cricinfo coz I was at work. And I did have those moments when looking at the scoreline or batsmen's strike rate, or bowlers' stats, I thought "That doesn't seem right" and then immediately realised that I was expecting a T20 like score :)

    Having said that, I saw the complete WI innings (with a Bollywood movie in the background once WI lost 7 was an old one, and it was quite nice :) ) and it was quite OK.

    I still care about the ODIs, not so sure about this series though...

    Thanks for the link!

  10. Q said...


    By the Six Sixer - that's an interesting way to call him.. never heard that before.

  11. Q said...


    I think T20 may have spoilt a lot of us.. me definitely.. for the moment at least.

  12. Q said...


    Following on CI does not count, because even I was constantly checking the score on CI on my mobile.. wat I want to know is that if people sat through the 100 overs and remained hooked for the entire time.. :-)

  13. Q said...


    So it was a pain? despite the over 600 runs scored.. how things change..

  14. Q said...


    But are we getting "fatigued" by watching them?

  15. Q said...


    It was an amazing innings, no doubt. But did u watch the entire match?

  16. Q said...


    When has an ODI with over 600 runs scored in 100 overs, with a batsman scoring 130 odd with 7 sixes, ever before felt like too long and a pain to watch?

    I think T20 has spoilt me surely.. I think some others as well.

  17. Q said...


    I have never been bored by ODIs.. but I think ur right, it is the overdose of recent T20 cricket, which made watching this 50 over game a bit difficult..

    I hope this is only temporary, but I fear it is not.

    Yuvraj ofcourse played an awesome innings!

  18. Q said...


    I definitely still care abt ODIs too.. I think it was the sudden change from the overdose of T20 to ODIs which caught me off-guard.

    However, I think this trend will continue and it may lead to the demise of ODIs in the long term.

    I watched "New York".. last night.. pls don't watch it! I'm a bollywood buff and usually find nothing bad, but this was really really bad!

  19. pRAFs said...

    actually it was the bowling discipline on both sides or the lack of it, that made it a pain to watch.
    Yuvi did bat well, but the bowling by both the teams was rather unimaginitive.
    600 runs are made up of a lot of 4s and 6s, but if the bowling is rather poor half the fun is lost.

  20. Q said...


    I think that's right.. the bowling was nothing to talk abt in this game..

  21. skroegerj said...

    I was at work but had a video stream running on my work computer and watched the whole match. Usually an ODI lasts about 7 1/2 hrs but this one went on much longer than that. The match did seem to take up the whole day and I wouldn't blame people who're hooked onto T20's, if they choose to stop watching ODI's.

    I speak for myself when I say ODI's are still relevant. It provides players respite from spending 40 overs in a high pressure situation, gives them air to breathe and time to recalculate their position during matches. T20's are definitely going to affect the financial bankability of ODI's as evident during this series where almost all the stands were completely empty. I'm not sure if the swine flu scare in Jamaica has anything to do with it though.

    This series was definitely unnecessary, but being an cricket fan I am glad to have some cricket to watch. I do feel for the players though.

    As for the tri-series between NZ, SL and IND announced to be held before the Champions Trophy, it should work as a nice warmup tourney for the players. I cringed the first time I read the announcement but I think a 4 days series is acceptable.

    I have to say the WI-IND ODI had an exiciting finish and I was glad I was watching.
    A few notes about the match:

    -Every wide ball bowled by RP Singh was accompanied by a string of abuses hurled at the monitor.

    -The shocking decision given against Dwayne Bravo where a full toss from Ishant Sharma at chest height was caught by Rohit Sharma and had him given out.

    -Yuvraj Singh's wonderful ability to hit sixes at will.

    - Dhoni's inability to hit the ball as he once used to. Although the one six he hit was a pleasant surprise.

    - Dinesh Karthik surprisingly performs at the international stage and proves me wrong.

    -Denesh Ramdin's bringing West Indies closer to victory had me at the edge of my seat.

  22. Q said...


    Thank u for the your comment.

    I think its interesting that u think an ODI provides players breathing space as compared to a T20..

    It might be the case but to ensure that people's interest does not die down in ODIs, maybe the intensity has to remain for the full 100 overs, like its there for the 40 in T20s.

  23. Chullanz said...

    very true. i feel the same. its a lil too much now. even T20 gives me the same feel.T20 i watch first 6 and last 6 overs of the first innings and last 10 of second innings . may be i am overloaded with lot of cricket.

  24. Q said...


    I think u r the first person I know who watches T20 in that manner.. how do u manage to watch tests then?

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