Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ashes Days 6 & 7: What the Hell Happened?

I snoozed off without any cricket for the weekend in Dubai for a few farewell parties and I come back to see England leading by over 300 runs with 8 wickets in hand!

What the hell happened?

To say I was surprised to see the scorecard would be an understatement.

From what I looked at initially, this is what went through my mind:

  1. Andrew Strauss, another 100, what a year he is having.

  2. England got only 425 despite the openers putting on almost 200; I'm telling you they need a batsman at 6 and Prior at 7. No Flintoff.

  3. What were the Aussies doing getting bowled out for 215? Looks like Anderson was swinging it and they also got their first taste of Onions in England.

  4. I have no idea how Stuart Broad managed 2 wickets; he still went over 4 an over, which is shit!

  5. Why didn't England enforce the follow on?

  6. Shocking that the Aussie pacers could not bounce back in the 2nd innings, particularly after what Anderson and Onions did.

  7. Looks like England is going to wipe out 75 years of misery at Lord's!

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12 Pitched:

  1. Indophile said...

    KP and Ravi are boring us to death I just realised why nobody likes England and now he is gone . That was the middle finger from Hauritz to all those who doubt his skills and that too an injured finger.Go Hauritz !! he is the most affable Aussie on the pitch right now

  2. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Wiping 75 years of misery - unless the rain wipes them first.

    You can't play for the rain, but you gotta factor it in. Anyway, it's gone ok so far - Prior swung it, at least now we won't have to see them prod around for another hour morrow. Tho with England you never know - looking for 600 are they?

  3. SM said...

    Hi Q , seems you had a good weekend at Dubai , I did predict even before australia started batting that England might win this match .

  4. T said...

    Well, I wish you had seen Flintoff bowl. Figures just don't capture what he did on the pitch. And, yeah, Broad is shit. Hopefully England will win and Steve will come in for the next match.

  5. Q said...


    I am surprised to say the least at hauritz performance.. no one gave him a chance and he has shone brightly..

  6. Q said...


    England will probably look for 600.. maybe even hold out the declaration for way too long to allow the Aussies to bat for a draw...

    I can see it happening..

    The best thing that can happen to England is for them to get bowled out early in the morning..

    That is the only way they will have enough overs left to bowl Australia out..

  7. Q said...


    That was a bold prediction...

  8. Q said...


    I have never denied the effort Flintoff puts on the field.. he always gives it his all when he's out there..

    The problem I have is with his off field activities, which has denied him the opportunity to be a truly great player.

  9. Rayden said...

    Loves every moment of this test except for KP and Ravi batting together in the 2nd innings. They almost cured my insomnia.

    Aus 4 wickets down - com'on England - I love to look at Ricky's face whenever Aus lose to anyone.

    Also Hauritz does seem quite good. Dont know why all Aussies hate him especially considering Aus dont have any other spinner. There was this Krezja guy but he seems to have disappeared.

  10. Rayden said...

    In my comment above "Loves every moment" should have said "Loved every moment" :-)

  11. Q said...


    Its going to be one hell of a 5th day tomorrow!

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