Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bangladesh's 2nd Test Victory; Historic?

Cricinfo has termed Bangladesh's test win over the West Indies as "historic".

Is it really?

To be honest I expected this Bangladesh win as soon as I heard that West Indies will be fielding a second string side; it hasn't come as a surprise or a shock to me.

It is only their second test victory ever, with the previous one coming against Zimbabwe over 4 years ago.

9 years, 60 test matches, 2 wins, not good!

Only a fool will think that Bangladesh has made progress with this win.

Sure its a great win for them; but it needs to be looked at in perspective.

If it wasn't for the WICB, WIPA, and a contractual dispute, Bangladesh would not have had this win.

The West Indies handed it to them on a platter and Bangladesh did well not to lose it.

Besides Tamim Iqbal's century and a solid knock from Junaid Siddique there weren't any notable batting performances.

The spinners looked good but only because they were up against a side that looked more like a cricket club than an international team.

The win is good for their confidence no doubt, but I'm afraid I don't think it is historic.

Bangladesh still have a lot more to do to make me believe that they can compete at this level.

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  1. SM said...

    Hi Q , Lets give something to Bangladesh and some of the hardworking cricketers that have made it happen . I seriously believe that there are some players who are world class and so I give this time to them ..this time .. wins have a very infectious effect and at times spread faster than flu .. let them come up the curve .

    Also historic in a way that the windies board have learnt a lesson not to trouble the cricketers with contracts and issues and let them focus on cricket .. isnt it? ..

    I have a quick quiz question KYC # 2 for you to refresh yourself on Silly Point

  2. Anonymous said...

    some people dont know how to apraise.though we know in reality this is hard to make a contineous performances but it does not mean you have to bring negative angle to judge a positive outcome.

  3. SledgeHammer said...

    While I don't think that Bangladesh needs to value this victory highly, I do think it might serve as a much needed spark.

    I've been a huge critic of Bangladesh. I think their record is pitiful, and their performances have been almost consistently woeful. I believe that Ireland would probably fare better than them in all formats.

    But a win is a win. It's a psychological boost. They have now beaten two different teams. The record books show that they beat the West Indies in West Indies. And who knows, they might to something that Pakistan has never been able to do - beat the West Indies on their home turf.

    So from a technical perspective, I'm not impressed with a win over 9 accidental debutants and two virtual newbies. But I think Bangladesh can take a psychological win out of it, and use it to make further progress.

  4. SledgeHammer said...

    BTW, the best thing to happen to Bangladesh was that they were dismissed so early in the morning. That gave them more than enough time to win.

    If I were the West Indies coach, I would have encouraged my team to keep Bangladesh comfortable, and let them bat out as many overs as possible. But maybe the coach has a bit more faith in Caribbean batting than I do!

  5. Q said...


    I'm not taking anything away from Bangladesh.. I have belief in some of the players and have spoken of Shakib being one of the best for a long time now.. All I wanted to point out here is that the win should be taken in perspective.. it isn't "historic".

  6. Q said...


    That was not the intent.. I said it is a great win for Bangladesh and believe it is.. but the team and its fans need to take it with a pinch of salt considering the circumstances it came in...

  7. Q said...


    Now that's the thing.. yes its a boost, but how much will it help in their progress? I don't think playing and winning against weaker sides can do much for progress...

    Regarding ur point abt Bangladesh's 2nd innings.. spot on.. I would have told the Windies bowlers to keep them out there for as long as possible..

    I don't think Bangladesh would not have declared for a long time..

  8. pRAFs said...

    halfway through the match, i was thinking that these retards couldn't beat even a second string team.
    wonder what put some sense into the batting?
    anyways, a test win is a test win.
    hope they do better against other teams from here on

  9. Q said...


    That would be hoping a bit too much.

  10. Unknown said...

    Congrats Bangladeshis, previously pushovers, they persisted and they made it!

    It is not historic, it is "maybe historic." Time will tell whether this was that little kick Deshis needed, or whether they truly suck.

    And it's a definite lesson for the guys that messed with Chris Gayle.

  11. Q said...


    Strangely the WICB is still not doing anything to get their players back..

  12. Anonymous said...

    Who the hell do you think you are. We are losing the ashes and you talk about ban. They are playing better than our team. They have shakib who is #1 odi all-rounder for a long time. Ashraful is reckless. But he has every shot in the book under his willow and some of his own invented shot. When he is on form there is no better player in the world than him. Mashrafe is #8 odi bowler. Raqibul is getting better day by day. Mahmudullah is a genuine all rounder. Rasel himself is not so bad. They've 5-6 world class player. Almost every one of them is a match winner. And they have won without their captain and best pacer. Shakib had to con on both his batting and bowling plus the captaincy. And even though is young he showed maturity. And after all this you think it's not historic. I do not think so.

  13. Lee fan said...

    Well said anonymous. I was thinking that too

  14. Unknown said...

    Haha I bet Leefan=Anonymous!

  15. Q said...


    Welcome to Well Pitched.

    I am Q and that's who the hell I think I am :-)

    I'm wondering whether u r from Australia (since u say "we are losing the Ashes") or from Bangladesh ("since u speak in such awe of their players that not even their own fans do") ..

    Bangladesh's series victories in the tests and ODIs may be a historic occassion for them, but this was written after their win in the 1st test.. that I did not think was historic.. a great achievement no doubt.. but historic? I don't think so.

    I have always spoken highly of some of the Bang players.. Shakib most of all.. but as a team they have failed to impress more often than not..

    Again, what they did in the Windies was awesome and they deserve all the praise for it.. but it was not something historic...

  16. Q said...

    Lee Fan,

    Welcome to the blog. Which part of Anon's comment were u thinking?

    Who the hell I am?

    Australia suck?

    Or Bangladesh rules?

    Or that Bang's wins were historic?

  17. SM said...

    Dear Annonymous = Leefan ,

    I think that you are seeing too much after winning matches who are not even competent to play most club teams in India , let alone state level teams . Now that you demand so much let me right size your claims . Your #8 odi bowler cum captain in your team did not find a place even after being bought in the IPL auction for a salary equivalent to the highest paid CEO in bangadesh . and then he was shown his right place by the batsmen in the IPL matches he played .

    Baring Shakib , no other player can even find a place in any Ranji team in India.

    Being a team under mercy of ICC , the test status should have been stripped long back and also celebrating 200 ODI matches with no cricketing talent developed is a great shame .

    Also posting comments as annonymous is an act of cowardice . Be open if you think you have a point to make

    Look at the first comment on the post , I was the one who deended the tigers and now I take back after your tall claims made in teh most uncanny manner possible .


  18. Anonymous said...

    I am sorry if i've offended you. I was just trying to think from their point of view. I was in there last year and i was surprised at their passion for the game. Their team lost and lost. But no one did not turn their back from the game. So after all the lost a series win even though a grade b team but for them is not it historic

  19. Q said...


    There is no doubt about Bangladesh's passion.. the cricketers and the fans have a lot of it.. in fact I believe their fans can teach a thing or two to the Pakistani and Indian ones regarding patience..

    Their win in the Windies is great.. again no doubt abt that but i don't think its historic because it is not something that would define a change or the coming of a new era or anything like that.. it would have been had the Windies side was at full strength..

  20. Bouncer said...

    So you think they have passion for the game? Yes they have passion, but for money. 1-2 years ago 14 of their joined icl. They were being paid well even after their "tremendous" perfomances. Aftab who joined too was injured 4-5 times severly and every time board paid for his treatment. Even though He was inconsistent than in their rating. After he left the board released their salary papers showing that he was #2 highest paid cricketer. Everyone of them had the same case. And after all this you say that they have passion! Wait till they play some real team in the future. To tell the truth they suuccckkk...

  21. Suck said...

    Bangladesh sucks and all of you too

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