Monday, July 13, 2009

The Colombo Mornings

There's something about the mornings in Colombo.

Pakistan lost 6 wickets in the morning session yesterday; Sri Lanka lost 5 today.

Are the batsmen not getting proper sleep?

Yesterday morning was just a poor execution of batting skills against a new swinging red cherry.

This morning, however, the Sri Lankans were outsmarted by a rejuvenated Umar Gul.

After a lacklustre performance in the first test, Gul completely redeemed himself this morning with a top performance that got him 3 wickets, including the all important one of King Sanga.

Saeed Ajmal bowled non-stop during this session, and bowled well; it surprised me though that Mohammad Aamer was given only 4 overs this morning.

Aamer should have had a couple of wickets; if only Khurram had safer hands and some other edges had flown to the fielders, but I believe Younis should have bowled him more.

But then with 5 wickets, Pakistan has done well and somewhat brought themselves back into this game so I wouldn't argue against Younis Khan's tactics.

History would tell you that 150 would be a more than enough lead for Sri Lanka, but NC has different ideas.

A good Colombo morning for the Pakistanis after the nightmare yesterday.

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8 Pitched:

  1. Unknown said...

    Good to see that the team won't go down without a fight...and they might not go down at all!

    Although Aamer got only 4 overs, he's done some great fielding.

  2. Q said...

    That he has Husha.. that run out was brilliant..

    Pak has clawed itself back to some extent.. they need to bat well now.

  3. RGB said...

    If they get to 350 , it will be an interesting chase.

  4. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Here comes another four day test, this is making it too easy for the ICC

  5. Gala said...

    Alam's been splendid, this test can still go either way!

  6. Q said...


    I think 200 lead would be competitive.. 250 probably a winning one.

  7. Q said...


    The Ashes will keep the ICC at 5...

  8. Q said...


    A debut 100 for Alam.. wat a man!

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