Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Day for the Debutants

This morning Pakistan took the field with a bowling attack that had played 18 tests between themselves.

With all 18 played by Umar Gul.

That in itself was a brave move; when put together on Sri Lankan soil against the likes of King Sanga, Jayawardene, Samaraweera, and Dilshan, it looked like a very bold move.

But absolutely right nonetheless.

All 3 debutants made their presence felt and had an impact during the Sri Lankan innings.

Mohammad Aamer immediately showed that he belonged at this level by striking in the very first over of his test career.

He had done the same a month ago in his first T20 international, and will have the chance to hold a unique record if he manages the same in his 1st ODI at the end of this month.

Aamer swung the red cherry both ways and it was a sight. He is destined for a great future.

On one hand it was he, a 17 year old (reportedly), while on the other there was a pair of 30 year old debutants; unheard of in Pakistan.

Abdur Rauf should have been playing for Pakistan a long time ago if it were not for some pacers getting away with indisciplinary acts.

He made the most of his opportunity today and struck twice with crucial wickets at key moments in the match.

Saeed Ajmal, on the other hand, bowled with precision throughout the day and got his due when he mopped up the tail.

If that wasn't enough, Younis Khan also turned his arm over with gentle swinging medium pacers inducing edges to Akmal on two occasions; doubling his test wicket tally in the process.

Starting off with a 313 in his first test in charge*, followed by a World T20 victory in his first world cup in charge, and now 2 wickets in his first overseas test in charge - everything Younis touches these days turns into gold; he needs to make the most of this brilliant run.

The openers undid the good work of the bowlers, but Pakistan's best is yet to come.

With the pitch doing plenty and Younis at the crease with Yousuf and Misbah to follow, tomorrow should be an interesting day.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka finally involved in an interesting test match!

*in charge full-time

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4 Pitched:

  1. sam said...

    lets hope he rescues his team now in 15/2 which could soon be 3/25 with night watchman going soon!!

  2. khansahab said...


    Please tell me whether merit should have more merit or whether giyareenbandi should have more merit.

    Look how Malik failed yet again against the swinging ball. That's why people say he is not a Test player and he can't play genuine fast or swing bowling.

  3. Q said...


    U underestimated the nightwatchman..

  4. Q said...


    I know why people say Malik is not a test batsman.. have u ever heard me say he's test batsman?

    And u know who I wanted to play at 6..

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