Thursday, July 9, 2009

Even God is on Chris Gayle's Side

The Ashes have allowed the drama unfolding in the West Indies to be pushed into the background.

If there was ever a dramatic cricket story; this is it!

Potentially the West Indies could field 9 debutants in their test match against Bangladesh, which should have started an hour ago but still hasn't due to rain.

The actual West Indies team is boycotting the series because of contractual disputes with the WICB.

Its strange that the dispute has gone to the extent that has led the board to field a second string team for a test match.

Sure its Bangladesh, but its still a test match.

Doesn't the board think that Chris Gayle, Chanderpaul, Sarwan, Jerome Taylor, Fidel Edwards, Dwayne Bravo are worthy of the contracts they are asking for?

Hasn't WICB thought of the repurcussions of losing a test match to Bangladesh?

It's more than likely.

So far the rain Gods have sided with Gayle and made sure a new look West Indies does not take the field.

But it's just about time before it happens; I don't think I have seen something more absurd than this!

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  1. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Don't put it beyond the Windies to resolve matters by the day end, and field a different team tomorrow. And the logic: the teams didn't take the field on the first day.

    If only this was being played at the underprepared Viv Richards ground, match abandoned.

  2. Krish said...

    I would like to see what excuse the Bangladesh team gives if they lose this one! :-)

  3. Rayden said...

    Q - I just saw the team list announced by WI board - except for Tino Best, I could not recognize anyone else. Bangladesh must win this series now. Its really sad though about WI cricket. Wish they would just sort it out and play properly.

  4. skroegerj said...

    In a way I'm glad that the West Indies are fielding a second string side. At least the match will be more competitive now, with Bangladesh eventually losing the game again.

    At the toss Floyd Reifer made it clear that they were just there to represent their country and play cricket. You can't begrudge them the opportunity to prove themselves on the international stage.

    It's good to see Tino Best and Kemar Roach play again. No complaints here. Now only if the damn rain Gods would start playing nice.

  5. Q said...


    I thought of that too.. but doesn't look like happening.. I wonder now who the West Indies stick with - the players who helped them out when no one did or the ones who held the board for ransom?

  6. Q said...


    Rain is the best excuse they have for not winning!

  7. Q said...


    Best and Sammy.. I recognized those 2.. and the I checked up the captain, Reifer and was surprised to see that he had played a few tests almost 10 years ago...

  8. Q said...


    U never know with the Deshis.. they will probably screw this one up as well..

    On the flip side, it might be interesting to see what the Windies bench is like..

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